Raised For 26 Years, This Buffalo Waited To Meet His Owner For The Last Time Before Passing On

The intimate bond between humans and animals is quite interesting. Liang Ping, an elderly man from Yunlin County, Taiwan, has been nurturing a buffalo for 26 years and considers it a member of his family.
Niu Niu, the buffalo, has been working with Ping virtually every day in the field and has built a strong bond with him. Niu Niu is becoming older and is likely to retire, as Ping turned 75 in 2011. Ping intended to send the buffalo to Old Cows House in Tainan after they finished working in the field for the last time.
Niu Niu was nurtured by Ping for 26 years.
Almost every day in the field, they worked together.
Niu Niu refused to go on the truck and refused to move after learning that it would be separated from its master. ‘It’s not that I don’t want you,’ Ping murmured, patting its face. Niu Niu was finally willing to get on the truck after hearing those statements.
Both of them appeared to be in tears as they parted after such a lengthy time together.
Niu Niu refused to drink or eat in the Old Cows House because it missed Ping. Ping went straight to the location where his buffalo was when he heard the news. Niu Niu’s appetite improved as soon as it met Ping. Niu Niu, who turned 32 in 2016, spent six years in the Old Cows House. That is the equivalent of 100 years in human years.
The keeper discovered Niu Niu in a very poor state one day, unable to swallow its meal. The keeper instantly alerted Ping of the situation, and he immediately sent Niu Niu some food from his village. When Niu Niu arrived, he gladly ate Ping’s food. Niu Niu died in his sleep that night from multiple organ failure, and the dinner Ping had cooked for it had been its final meal.

“You’ve put forth a lot of effort your whole life. Ping remarked to Niu Niu for the last time, “Find a decent and wealthy family to reincarnate into and have a good life!”

This is really a lovely friendship. The cat clearly waited for its owner before taking its last breath, as we can see.

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