Cute as a Bunny! Virginia Nurses Dress NICU Babies in Sweet Costumes for Easter

“Taking advantage of these small moments is extremely thrilling and heartwarming for us as NICU nurses,” one nurse says.

This year, the nurses at Riverside Regional Medical Center in Virginia chose to celebrate Easter in a delightfully egg-cellent way.
RRMC reported that this week, health care staff dressed up their patients in hand-knitted bunny ear caps and bottoms with cottontails, all garnished with stuffed knit carrots, to bring smiles to the NICU.
easter babies

In a statement to PEOPLE, NICU nurse Kaylee Arsenault said, “It is so exciting and uplifting for us as NICU nurses to take advantage of these small opportunities to capture moments for our precious moms and families around the holidays.”

Two sets of twins are among the bundles of joy, having arrived just in time for a “happy” Easter.

“It was especially gratifying this year because we were able to reunite the twins. Twins in need of NICU care are frequently separated after delivery because they must be housed in different incubators “Arsenault continues. “These little fellas are doing well and have remained stable, allowing them to be brought together for the first time since they were still within their mother. Best friends for life!”

easter babies

At the Virginia hospital, dressing up the NICU patients for the holidays has become a popular custom. Nurses decided to get merry in November by dressing up their newborn babies in turkey costumes.

A brown knit cap with a set of eyes, an orange beak, and bright feathers, as well as a brown knit bottom with feathers connected to the back, were featured in the charming ensembles.



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