A Twitter User Predicted Will Smith Hitting Chris Rock Back In 2016

As Will Smith stepped onto the stage and hit Chris Rock hard in the face, no one in the audience at the 94th Academy Awards saw it coming. But, believe it or not, it was predicted. Not that night, or even a few days ago, but years before the event on Sunday.

Back in 2016, a Twitter user going by the handle JASON issued a warning, saying, “Chris Rock must be punched in the face by Will Smith…. He does not have a choice.” People on Twitter have been going insane since then, trying to figure out how JASON was able to predict the future.

Here’s how they reacted:

Although it appears that JASON possesses some mystic prophetic skills, this is not the case. The Twitter user revealed that he was referencing to the dispute between the two that year in response to his tweet’s rapid virality following the Oscars incident. “So far, I’ve been referring to Chris Rock’s monologue from 2016,” said the post, which included a link to a YouTube video.

Jada Pinkett Smith skipped the Academy Awards in 2016 because of the controversies around the lack of diversity among the nominations. Rock opted to take a shot at Jada’s activism and comment on the “Oscars so white” movement while delivering his opening monologue at the award broadcast.

“Jada’s boycott of the Oscars is akin to my boycott of Rihanna’s underwear. I wasn’t invited to the party “At the time, the comedian claimed. “Jada, can’t wait for G.I. Jane 2,” he joked about her shaved head this year. After hearing the joke, Jada rolled her eyes and her husband rushed on stage and publicly assaulted the comedian, saying, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f**king mouth!”

Smith has already apologized to Rock in a public Instagram post. “My behavior at the Academy Awards last night was both terrible and inexcusable. Jokes about my medical condition are part of the work, but one about Jada’s illness was too much for me to handle, and I reacted emotionally. Chris, I’d like to officially apologize to you. I was out of line and made a mistake “Parts of the post are worth reading.

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