Dad Endures Severe Injuries Saving His Daughters From Burning House

If you’ve never heard that parents are superheroes, we’ve got a story to prove it!

A parent would go to any length for his children, even if it meant risking his life.

One superhero father accomplished precisely that!

To save his twins, Ray Lucas dashed inside a flaming house!

Ray and his girlfriend, Shi’Ann Brown, had gone to the corner store to get some milk on July 17th. When they returned home, however, they discovered a horror!

His twin kids were trapped inside their residence in Michigan, which was engulfed in flames.

When the mother observed the incident, she sobbed. She was terrified, but she was doing her best to enlist the assistance of their neighbors.

Take a look at the following excerpt from the interview:

Lucas, who is 23 years old, recalled:

“I couldn’t say anything. My mind was taken over by action. I dashed into the home to retrieve my children. As a father, I’m thinking about it. “I did or should have done anything that any other father would or should have done.”

The fire had quickly spread through the three floors and was on its way to reaching Malaysia and Milan’s sleeping quarters in the basement.

The twins were in their cribs, and their father was concerned that the Fire Department would not arrive in time, so he decided to intervene.

Due to the flames, nothing was visible when the man entered the blazing house. Thankfully, he was familiar with his surroundings and went straight to the basement.

He was overjoyed that his children responded to his contact when he approached their cribs and caressed them.

One of the twins was lying down in the cot, while the other stood up quietly. Because they were surrounded by fire and smoke, he feels they were in shock.

Ray, on the other hand, had no time to spend. He gathered his kids, cradled them to his chest to keep them safe from the fire, and walked up the stairs and outside.

Nothing could stop him now, even though the smoke and fire were terrible.

He subsequently handed his girls over to their mother, only to discover that his niece was also trapped in the house!

The brave man dashed back inside the house in search of her, but she was nowhere to be seen.

He immediately dashed to the backyard, where he caught a glimpse of her through the second-story window.

He then told her to jump out the window, which she did, and he caught her with his bare hands.

Later, he stated:

“I was overjoyed that my babies were unharmed and that everyone was able to escape the situation.” We didn’t lose a single person.”

The disaster, however, took its toll, with Lucas and the twins suffering significant burns.

He elaborated:

“My arms, both ears, the right side of my face, and my neck were all burned.”

Due to the significant exposure to smoke, he had second and third-degree burns and had gone blind for three days. His corneas were entirely destroyed and had puffed up.

Fortunately, despite doctors’ predictions that he would never regain his vision, he did.

“I believe my vision has returned to normal, but it might be better.”

Despite the fact that he has regained his vision, the severe burns he received have stopped him from carrying out day-to-day tasks.

Malaysia and Milan, two young girls, had also suffered severe burns. As a result, they were transported to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit, where they were admitted to the intensive care unit.

Milan was burned on the backs of her legs and feet in the second and third degrees, while her sister Malaysia was burned on the eyes, arms, and cheeks in the second and third degrees.

Malaysia would need to exercise and do physical therapy to regain her arm mobility and release her joints.

The father and twins had to stay in the ICU for 5 days. The physicians assured Lucas that his burns would heal in time if he took the proper precautions.

Later, the brave parent came up about the ordeal, alleging that he is “mentally in pain with burns.” It put a lot of mental strain on me. That’s the first time I’ve ever been in a position like that.”

Furthermore, the family’s home and all of their belongings were destroyed in the fire.

The cause of the fire will be investigated, but Lucas believes it started because the house’s foundation was in shambles. He stated, ”

“The house didn’t completely burn down, but it’s too late. Smoke damage and flames had destroyed everyone’s belongings.”

Furthermore, the medical costs were rather costly. The family had relocated to Detroit and was still figuring out where they would live.

According to Lucas:

“It still doesn’t feel real to me… “The scenario continues to be bizarre to me.”

Many people have been left distraught as a result of the tragedy, and the Detroit community has rallied to their cause, creating a GoFundMe campaign to help them rebuild their lives.

Despite the fact that the initial goal was set at $40,000, over 13,000 people have donated to this cause, raising nearly $489,000.

The GoFundMe page reads, “According to the GoFundMe page:

“As the family works to heal, recover, and recover, the babies and their father Ray continue to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally, while their mother Shi’Ann continues to battle with mental and emotional pain.”

The family is trying to find a place to live and furnish it, as well as meet their baby’s immediate and long-term needs, such as clothing for the parents and babies, and paying for medical supplies and expenses. The family claims that the gifts and contributions will be put to good use to meet their requirements.

“Words cannot describe Ray and Shi’Ann’s thanks and thankfulness for your help through the Go Fund Me donations while we recover from this hurricane and life-changing experience.

We pray for the family and hope that the heroic parents and twins will be able to repair their home and resume their normal life as soon as possible!



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