Erika Lemay Gets A Golden Buzzer With Amazing Suspended Aerial Silks On AGT

Erika Lemay, 38, from Levis, Canada, also performed at the AGT: Extreme 2022 show’s last audition.

She even received a Golden Buzzer for her performance, advancing her to the show’s semifinals.

Erika Lemay demonstrated her abilities high in the air at the penultimate audition of a special performance of American talent — she was tied to a rope and performed various gymnastics, impressing all of the show’s spectators and judges.

The talented Erika even won a Golden Buzzer at the end of the performance, which was pressed by all three judges as well as the show’s host, and judging by the reactions, the performance impressed many internet users.

Take a look at Erika Lemay, 38, from Canada, who wowed the judges at the most recent audition for AGT: Extreme 2022.



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