Tomm Tennent: The Unique Baby Born With Enough Skin To Cover The Body Of A Five-year-old Child

The birth of Tomm Tennent, a baby boy from South East Australia, astonished not just his parents and physicians, but the entire globe in 1993. The account of his odd condition, which left him with enough skin to cover a 5-year-body, old’s made everyone wonder what this boy’s future would hold.

Tomm’s parents were aware that their child would be unique, but no ultrasound could have prepared them for the seriousness of the situation. They pondered terminating the pregnancy when they learned anything was wrong with their kid, but thankfully, this did not happen.

“When he came out, I was fairly astonished (…) I didn’t think a human, or a little kid, could ever look like that,” Tomm’s father, Geoff Tennent, told 60 Minutes Australia in 2003.

His mother also talked about the first time she saw her infant kid. “My heart was in my throat, but it was wonderful to pick him up and cuddle him,” she explained.

Tomm spent a lot of time in the hospital throughout the years, not because he was unwell, but because physicians wanted to look at his situation and figure out how to help him. They had a difficult time figuring out what caused him to have so much additional skin because the literature had never reported a case like his before.

They were finally able to provide Tomm and his parents with some answers after more research.

Experts noticed parallels between Tomm’s appearance and that of the Chinese dog breed Shar Pei. Tomm’s level of Hyaluronic acid, which is present in the skin, was 100 times greater than usual, which is common in Shar Pei puppies.

Doctors thought Tomm’s levels would reduce as he grew older, knowing that pups’ levels drop as they grow older. They were correct.

Tomm, on the other hand, had some challenges before reaching that stage in his life. Aside from that, he’s always been a sweet kid who adored his appearance.

“Not really (…) because they are my friends and they don’t really care how I look like,” Tomm told 60 Minutes when asked if he was concerned about how his friends perceived him. They (people) say I look cool sometimes, they say I look incredibly cool other times, and they don’t say anything at all.”

There have been 28 years since Tomm and his parents did the interview to 60 Minutes in 2003. Tomm now appears to be fully normal, with no signs of extra skin.

Many people have asked how Tomm looks currently, despite the fact that his story received little media coverage while he was growing up (except, of course, when he was born).

“It’s a simple life.” “You make decisions and don’t look back,” Tomm wrote on his Facebook page, and we presume this remark encapsulates his attitude and his life.



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