“Wait! There’s a Heartbeat?”: Mom About to Abort ‘Clump of Cells’ Sees the Lie Exposed in Last-Minute Ultrasound

Abby had no intention of becoming a regular at her neighborhood abortion clinic. Abby describes the moment she found herself there for the second time in four months in a piece released by pro-life organization Save the Storks.

Abby was on her way to the abortion clinic, convincing herself it was simply a “clump of cells,” when she was patted on the shoulder by a nice stranger.

When Abby turned back, she was welcomed by a woman her age. She was in front of a bus with the words “Free ultrasounds and pregnancy testing!” written on it.

Abby recalled not being shown the sonogram during her previous abortion. Abby wasn’t sure there would be much to see, despite her mantra that it was simply a “clump of cells.” Despite this, she accepted the woman’s offer and boarded the Stork Bus for her free ultrasound.

“It’s free,” she reasoned. “What have I got to lose?”

A nurse switched on the ultrasound screen and placed some gel onto Abby’s stomach as she lay there, worried about being late for her abortion appointment.

Abby was taken aback when the nurse looked at her and stated, “There it is!” after a few moments of looking. Your baby’s heartbeat can be heard. “It appears you’re eleven weeks along.”

“Wait! Is there a heartbeat here?” Abby pondered this before understanding that the “clump of cells” inside of her was far more than she had imagined.

Abby had never been able to see her baby growing, moving, kicking, and living inside of her before her last abortion, so the free ultrasound was a wake-up call for her. It was finally revealed that it was “simply a clump of cells,” as she’d been assured.

“This is what I’ve been missing!” she exclaimed, before crying and telling the nurse her story.

Abby’s life was irrevocably transformed in that lovely moment on the Stork Bus. She was able to acquire the resources she needed to begin healing from her past abortion not just because she chose LIFE for her baby, but also because she chose LIFE for herself.

My prayer for today is that Abby’s story would reach someone in need and inspire others in similar situations to choose LIFE.

Source: faithit.com


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