Mom Brings Newborn To Work, Makes Headlines When Boss Snaps Secret Photo & Makes Remark Online

These days, there are a lot of working moms. Seventy percent of working mothers in the United States have children under the age of eighteen. Melody Blackwell is a part of that statistic.

Melody is employed as a chiropractic assistant in Tennessee. Nora-Jo was born, and she took three months off work to care for her. Melody has returned to work now that Nora-Jo is five months old.

Her supervisor lets her bring Nora-Jo to work with her on Mondays. Melody is able to work from home the majority of the time, but she will go into the office if her coworkers require assistance.

Nora-Jo, according to Melody, simply sits at the front with her while she works. If she falls asleep, she’ll either hold her or put her in a carrier until she wakes up.

Melody will benefit from this in a number of ways. It lowers the expense of child care and allows her to breastfeed her child at her own pace without difficulty.

Melody’s boss, Dr. Elizabeth Baker, praises her for her multitasking abilities. She’s noticed that she can accept calls, take notes, and hold Nora-Jo without difficulty. Dr. Baker was so moved by this that she snapped a short photo and shared it on Facebook. “She makes it look easy,” she said in the heading of her piece.

Some mothers were uninterested, while others were enthusiastic. Some people were envious of Dr. Baker’s boss and wished they had one as well.


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