8-Year-Old Puts Self-Written Book on Library Shelf Hoping for Views; Now There’s a Waiting List to Read It

The book is 81 pages long, handwritten, and illustrated by Dillon Helbig.
An eight-year-old had a novel concept for getting his unpublished work seen by the general public. Dillon Helbig of Boise, Idaho, claims that all he did was take it to the library.

“I put the book on one of the shelves and then left that area and went to another location and got a book to read,” he explained.

Susan Helbig, his mother, remarked, “He did say he’s going to place his book in the library.” “‘Oh, Dillon, you’re so silly,’ we thought. We didn’t believe he’d truly follow through with it and that this was his ultimate plan.”

The 81-page, hand-written, hand-illustrated, hardcover book was finally discovered by library workers. Dillon’s art pleased them so much that they added it to their collection. There were apparently 125 persons waiting to read “The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis” as of last week.

While the Helbigs were aware that their son had a vivid imagination, they were not prepared for the response to his debut novel. They’ve already had offers to publish it.

Alex Helbig, his father, recalls, “He simply really wanted someone to read his work.” “And he was confident that if he could get his book into the library, people would read it.”

“So, it’s been fairly wonderful, and we’re just happy with all of the great attention that the book and his narrative have gotten.”

And it appears like Dillon’s career is just getting started, as he has already stated that he is working on another novel.

Source: insideedition.com


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