Woman Who Stopped Removing Facial Hair Shares How the Decision Changed Her Life

If you’re a woman with a lot of facial hair, you know how difficult it is to keep it under control. Hair removal, whether by shaving or waxing, can be a time-consuming process. But what if it isn’t necessary? What if…you just go with the flow?

Eldina, a Copenhagen resident, made the decision to do precisely that. The woman documented her hair removal journey (or lack thereof) on Instagram, gaining a large following of admirers who respected her for being open about it.

Eldina was becoming increasingly irritated by the constant removal of her facial hair. But then she wondered to herself, “Why do I have to?” IS IT EVEN NECESSARY FOR HER TO DO SO? Could she be putting that time toward something more productive instead?

“I wouldn’t say it happened overnight, but I felt increasingly upset with having to shave my legs for no obvious reason.” Why do I have to remove my hair when I see males do it outside?” she wondered. “I realized I could be doing a lot better with my time.” I’m not opposed to shaving or hair removal, but the idea that every woman should do it all of the time irritates me.”

The issue is that women believe they must adhere to particular standards in order to be beautiful, but Eldina was determined to change that.

Eldina added, “A lot of women have emailed me and told me that they, too, feel pressured to remove all of their body hair, even if they don’t want to.” “However, they are under societal pressure to do so, or they have been bullied for having hair on their bodies.”

“I believe that beauty standards are quite arbitrary,” she continued. “They’re always changing.” In ten years, something that is extremely vital now may be entirely irrelevant. So I’m not sure why individuals, particularly women, are expected to conform to these ideals.”

Eldina used to shave her excessive eyebrow and upper lip hair, but after letting it grow out for a while, she’s felt a lot more confident, and she wants other women to have the same experience.

Eldina had some choice comments for folks who are anxious about others feeling a certain way about them because of their facial hair. “I guess my suggestion would be that you can always make new friends if people don’t like you,” she remarked. “You’ll always be able to find other people who will accept and value your opinions and feelings.” Do you truly want to be known for someone you aren’t?”

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