Céline Dion Answers The Big Question: Could Jack Have Fit On That Door In ‘Titanic’?

When Céline Dion stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the two went right to the point: the Titanic.

Jimmy couldn’t help himself when Céline dropped by to promote her new album, Courage. “Every time you’re here, Céline, I always try to ask you a good Titanic question because I know you probably adore those,” he said.

Always a gentleman, “You know that was a long time ago, right?” Céline retorted.

Jimmy persisted, asking if Jack could have fit on the door in the film’s famous final moment if Rose had just “scooted over a little bit.” Céline initially tried to avoid answering the question. She said, “Don’t get me in trouble.” “What if they want to do a sequel to Titanic?”

However, the singer of “My Heart Will Go On” made the fast decision to settle the score once and for all. “She stated,” she explained “First and foremost, if you look attentively at the photo, Rose appears to be either dead or completely frozen, and she isn’t entirely present, okay? Second, he does not require an invitation. Let’s go, baby! He should make himself at ease. You know, just jump in.”

“And then who did not think about this person who is in the middle of the cold water and that maybe all his body is so frozen that he didn’t have the strength to…” Céline said, before singing the Pointer Singers’ “Jump (For My Love).”

The moment in question occurs near the end of the movie, after the ship has sunk and Jack and Rose have been trapped in the Atlantic Ocean with their fellow passengers. The ocean water is quite cold, so when Jack discovers a door for Rose to float on, he encourages her to do so.

Jack tries to get on the door as well, but he runs the risk of pushing Rose over, so he opts to bob in the water instead. This proves to be a catastrophic blunder, as Jack has frozen to death by the time rescue ships arrive. Rose allows him to plunge to the ocean’s bottom before boarding a rescue boat.

The sequence sparked a lot of debate at the time, with fans and critics debating whether or not Jack could have fit through the door. The debate has never truly faded, and it appears that the topic is posed whenever someone slightly associated with the film attends an event.

In fact, Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio was asked about his feelings while in Cannes in 2019 promoting a completely different film. Margot Robbie, his co-star in his new film, chimed in, saying, “Oh, my goodness, I had the same notion. When I was a kid, I remember crying my eyes out.”

“I have no comment,” Leo said instantly in response to the query. “Well, I’m going to go back and look now, shoot,” his other current costar, Brad Pitt, said. “That is the largest dispute in modern cinema,” Margot added, to which Leonardo replied, “Ever.”

Rose was played by Kate Winslet, Leonardo’s Titanic co-star. She’s also faced a slew of questions about the subject, and when on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, she even threw up her own potential ending for Jack. When Kate and Stephen were asked if Jack had to die, they came up with their own solution.

In the years after 1997, solving this puzzle has been a fan favorite. The MythBusters team decided to try their hand at it. What was the end result? Jack could have climbed to the top of the door and gotten out alive. But, if such were the case, would the film have had the same impact?

Céline, for one, eagerly played along, and the topic soon shifted back to the reason she came in town: her new album, Courage. This is her 12th English-language album, and it has been favorably received since its November 15 release.

Céline recently revealed what she misses the most about her late spouse René Angélil, who passed away in 2016. “She stated,” she explained “My husband, my manager, the father of my children, and a friend are all gone. I’ll always be aware of his presence and support.”

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