Peter Dinklage Believes Love Isn’t Just For ‘Pretty People’ — Has Honest Confessions About His Life

Peter Dinklage is an American actor and producer best known for his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister in the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones.” Dinklage received the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series four times for his role as Tyrion. For his work, the actor won a Golden Globe Award in 2011 and a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2020.

Dinklage began his acting career in 1995, starring alongside Steve Buscemi in the film “Living in Oblivion.” His character was a disgruntled dwarf actor who yearned for more varied roles rather than being typecast. Although critics praised Dinklage’s performance, the actor was unable to secure representation. Buscemi was able to obtain a role in the comedy “13 Moons” thanks to a referral from Buscemi to director Alexandre Rockwell.

Dinklage is able to explore projects that he is enthusiastic about now that he is a household figure thanks to the tremendous success of “Game of Thrones.” He played Cyrano in the theatrical musical adaption of “Cyrano de Bergerac” in 2018. The National provided music for the adaption, which was composed by his wife Erica Schmidt.

Schmidt and Dinklage have been married since 2005. They have two children but keep their personal lives very quiet. Their first child arrived in 2011, and their second arrived in 2017. The happy couple relished the opportunity to collaborate and did so again in 2021 when they adapted “Cyrano” into a film. Continue reading to find out more about Dinklage and what he has to say about love.

Dinklage is happy of the representation he is able to provide, but he has avoided putting himself in the position of Dwarfism’s spokesperson. “I never want to, and I never will, put myself in front of the work.” But if I’ve done my job and motivated others to change, that’s fantastic. “I read a lot of stories where the character’s height is the main distinguishing feature, but that’s not who I am,” he explained. “It’s a part of who I am, but I don’t spend my days worrying about it.” And why should it define a character if it doesn’t define me? That’s just a lousy piece of writing.”

Cyrano was one of Dinklage’s more sophisticated characters. While discussing the play and film, the actor couldn’t help but brag about his wonderful wife. “Our wonderful adaptation and screenwriter, Erica Schmidt, was commissioned to write a stage version of ‘Cyrano de Bergerac,'” Dinklage explained. “However, the original is rather long, and it was written 120 years ago, when people didn’t have access to the internet and didn’t mind spending a long time in the theater.” We’ve become more distracted. Erica took the monologues about love and converted them into love songs, stripping it down to its fundamental elements.”

Dinklage confessed that he is a little biased because Schmidt is his wife, but the actor adores her. “Yes, she is my love partner,” he added. “We’ve previously collaborated on a number of projects. I enjoy collaborating with her. I’m hoping she feels the same way about me. I understand how difficult it is to be married to an actor.”

Dinklage shared a number of characteristics with Cyrano, one of which was a struggle with self-worth. “A lot of people believe my height is the reason Cyrano is hesitant to confess his feelings for Roxanne, but that isn’t the case,” he explained. “It’s more universal than a nose or whether one person is taller than another.” It’s the feeling of being unlovable and uneasy about our own selves.”

Dinklage told The New York Times that he used to battle with insecurity but now finds self-worth in the fame he has earned as an actor. “Being my size, I get a lot of second looks.” I’ve been stared at my entire life. Someone looking at me or approaching me now has a sense of ownership. He explained, “It’s because of something positive.”

Now that Dinklage is securing more and more major roles, he is challenging Hollywood’s perceptions of beauty standards. “We’ve been trapped with this stereotype of a leading male, and it’s healthy to break that down,” he explained. Everyone has a love life; it’s not just the gorgeous individuals who have them.”

Dinklage’s personal life is full of romance. In an interview with the New York Times, he remembered how he and his wife had a remarkable first meeting. He remarked affectionately, “It was like something out of a gorgeous, wonderful, end-of-the-world, insane, love movie.”

“If someone has been blessed enough to experience love, it just grips hold of you,” the actor continued. You have no control over how you feel, but you do have control over what you do with it.”



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