Five-year-old Donates Everything He Has To A Homeless Man To Teach His Dad A Valuable Lesson

Even though his father hesitated, the youngster persisted on giving the 30 cents he had in his pocket.

A 5-year-old boy’s behavior at a traffic check is proof that a tiny act of compassion can go a long way. Justice Smith and his 5-year-old were travelling home from the dentist when they came upon a homeless guy in the road’s median strip. Smith wanted to aid the man, but he didn’t have any money on him. Justus Mateo, his son, handed up 30 cents from his own pocket without being asked. Smith stated on Facebook, “Uncoached, he demanded that I give the man the 30 cents he had in his pocket.” “It’s almost as if he understood what I was thinking and answered out loud.”

Smith was ecstatic that his kid had such a huge heart, but then he remembered that it was just 30 cents, and he wondered what difference it would make to a homeless guy. “I was overjoyed that he wanted to do this joyfully (it implies he’s been paying attention), but I was worried. I didn’t want to give this man only 30 cents when he plainly needed all the support he could receive. My pride and the uncertain reaction of the homeless person to receiving only two pennies were getting in the way.”

Smith felt a little uncomfortable about the homeless man’s possible response to being handed only 30 cents. “I immediately understood I was the only issue in this circumstance, and the traffic signal would turn green at any moment.” ‘Dude, get over it,’ I thought to myself. “You’re going to allow your selfish self-centeredness destroy a potentially life-long, amazing memory and good teaching moment?” he wondered.

He realized it was a learning moment and decided to let Justus contribute the 30 cents he had at the time. “I almost said to my son, ‘Let’s wait till we have at least one dollar before we contribute.’ By my passivity, I almost taught our kid that what he had wasn’t enough. I was on the verge of showing him that what he thinks is a wonderful thing, and it is, isn’t good enough to make a difference in someone’s life. I was on the verge of teaching him that his pride was more important than assisting another person.”

“Thank God I broke out of that nonsense immediately.” “I’m sorry guy, I don’t have any cash on me,” he replied as he rolled down the window, “but my kid back here wants to give you all he has right now.” He’s only five years old. Also, my God… The guy’s smile lighted up the crossing, and he told Justus, ‘God bless you little man!’ ‘Thank you very much!’ Smith wrote. His son’s face had also brightened. “After that, the only thing that equaled the brightness of that stranger’s smile was…our ‘baby’ boy’s greater smile!!”

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That single act of compassion sparked a chain reaction, with cars following them lowering their windows and donating as well. “Without even realizing it, our young guy taught me once again by his deeds that it’s all about the heart.” It makes no difference how much or how little you have; giving in love and honesty will frequently bless others more than we realize,” he stated. Smith said that he had “nearly messed up big time,” but was relieved that he was able to save the situation. He said, “I’m grateful that he has my Wife’s heart!!”

Facebook fans gushed over the youngster and praised Smith’s parenting. “Justus was the lone stone in the pond who set off a chain reaction of love and truth that we can all learn from and live by. Well done, young guy; now go make a mark in the cosmos!!” one person commented. “It warms my heart to know that there are still good individuals in the world imparting EXCELLENT ideals in their children,” one person remarked.



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