‘I Gave You My Heart, Now I Give You My Last Name.’: Stepdad Surprises 10-year-old Daughter With Adoption News At School

Here’s an adoption surprise that’ll make your heart break! When Myke Rousell began dating Sarah, his now-wife, five years ago, he soon became attached to her daughter, Camryn.

The couple has two children from prior relationships. While most people would think that such a situation would be difficult, these people managed to adjust to life as a mixed family pretty effectively.

Mike and Camryn hit it off right away when they met.

“I entered Camryn’s life when she was five,” Myke, a Texas native, explained. “Shortly after my mother and I started dating, we were as close as thieves.” We have a lot of things in common.”

Camryn had come to like him to the point that, at the age of seven, she asked Myke if she may start using his surname as her own.

Camryn began using “Rousell” everywhere once Myke consented. She couldn’t use it in school, though, because she had to use her official last name.

Myke and Sarah decided that he should begin the adoption procedure as soon as feasible. Camryn finally became his daughter in June 2021, after a three-year wait!

Camryn’s parents were excited to tell her the wonderful news, and they wanted it to be a surprise.

“I gave you my heart five years ago, and today I give you my last name,” Myke said as he arrived at Camryn’s school. Sarah was also present, holding a placard proclaiming, “It’s official, Camryn Rousell.”

mom and dad with their child after a play

Camryn’s enthusiasm and absolute joy could be seen on her face as she came down the hall and spotted the placards. Myke carried her into his arms as they both shed joyous tears as she joyfully raced for her father. It was a wonderfully lovely moment that the couple will remember for the rest of their lives.

“When I saw Camryn’s face, she broke down, and I broke down with her,” Myke remembered.

Camryn’s adoption, according to Myke, was “a promise.”

He stated, “I vowed that I would always be there for her, that I would love her unconditionally, and that I wasn’t in her life by chance.”

Myke also offered some words of wisdom to other step-parents.

“I know what it’s like to go to baseball and soccer games and feel like a third wheel a lot of the time,” he explained. “However, you still show up.” I simply want you to know that you are valued and that you are making a difference in the lives of these children. “There aren’t enough people in our infants’ corner.”

In the video below, you can see Myke’s beautiful adoption surprise.

Alecia Donaldson, 14, and her adoptive father, Daniel Donaldson, have a similar tale.

Daniel has been Alecia’s mentor since 2019. He is a young sports coach in Haleyville, Alabama. When he and his wife, Tiffany, learnt about Alecia’s foster care history, they chose to adopt her into their family.

Alecia has been with them for almost a year, and they’ve always let her decide whether or not she wants to be formally adopted.

Last year, Alecia finally decided it was time to make things official. She also planned a surprise adoption proposal for her father on his birthday to make the occasion even more memorable.

Daniel was blindfolded before the family lined up to carry a series of placards announcing the good news. “Will you adopt me?” Alecia was at the end of the line, holding the most crucial sign.

After reading the cards, Daniel removed his blindfold and immediately realized what was going on. Daniel held Alecia fiercely, relieved that she will soon be a “Donaldson” legally!

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