5-Year-Old Sings Out Forty-Year-Old Classic And Simon Becomes Lost For Comments

Sophie Fatu, who is now seven years old, already has her own record, ‘Love Is…,’ out. But two years ago, at the age of five, the tiny artist on the stage of “America’s Got Talent” in front of Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandell, and all four answered “yes!”

Sophie Fatu is a newcomer to the limelight. Sophie, who describes herself on Facebook as a “jazz singer, model, and actor,” has featured on NBC’s “Little Big Shots,” YouTube, and the “Ellen Degeneres Show,” where she delivered a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon.” Naturally, she had her sights set on “America’s Got Talent.”

Sophie’s lovely speaking voice captured everyone’s hearts the instant she walked onto the stage in her pink dress and greeted the judges and crowd. Nobody was expecting Sophie to be so sweet, not even Simon Cowell, the usually tough judge, who burst out laughing at her introduction.

However, as Sophie Fatu began to sing, those expectations shifted.

Sophie received unanimous approval from all four judges to go to round two. When they both headed to the backstage, her mother, Victoria Fatu, an award-winning artist with her own big YouTube channel and following, seemed as proud as any parent could be.

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