Virginia Teen Athlete Born Without Legs Wins State Championship: “I’ve Been Dreaming Of This”

His coach and classmates characterize him as a dedicated and energetic young man.

On Saturday, Landstown High School senior Adonis Lattimore took first place in the Virginia High School Games. Despite being born with a handicap, he won the League Class 6, 106-pound weight class, according to The Virginian-Pilot. He was born with only a piece of his left leg and no right leg. He was also born with only one fully functioning arm and one finger on his right hand. “I’ve been dreaming about this—I don’t know how to put it into words. Really, if you work hard, you can accomplish anything—even win a state championship without legs,” he said, referring to the importance of commitment.

Coach James Sanderlin can be seen getting out of his seat and cheering for Lattimore after he won home the gold in a video from the tournament. Sanderlin showed his excitement with the words, “It’s incredible. He was the one who did everything. I simply get to be a part of the adventure.” He said, “It’s an incredible sensation to witness him accomplish it with the crowd’s backing. It was fantastic. He’s a dedicated young man. I’m at a loss for words.” He went on to say that this was “a goal four years ago” that has now “become a reality.” “It was a long trek, but it was well worth it,” he remarked.

According to PEOPLE, Lattimore’s father, Jerrold, is seen in the video picking him up and embracing him in joyful excitement. Lattimore has been wrestling since he was in the second grade and plans to continue in college. Earlier this month, he spoke with WTKR “I was on a losing skid for almost a year at one time. I found my stride in middle school and carried it through high school.”

He went on to say, “My aim this year is to win a state [championship],” which he accomplished. As a freshman, he qualified for the region tournament, but as a sophomore, he did not. Despite his plans to compete in his junior year, the COVID-19 epidemic forced him to withdraw.

“It was extremely irritating,” Lattimore told The Virginian Pilot. But I didn’t let it affect me. Knowing I had another year, I sought to get back on my feet.” The sportsman has been surrounded by the community’s support during his trip. “Everybody loves Adonis” Lattimore’s classmate Thomas Keyes told WTKR. Part of it, I believe, is because he has a fantastic personality. He constantly has a smile on his face.” He never complains and is always inspirational, whether it’s to the Eagles’ wrestlers or to people who question their own capacity to overcome adversity.”



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