Teen Who Got Rejected Before Prom Hears Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Voice Over School’s Loudspeaker

Katie and her friends observed that the announcer’s voice was different this time, but it was also quite familiar, particularly to Katie.

Katie Keizenber’s pals all know how much she adores Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a senior at Stillwater High School in Oklahoma. She knows all of his movie lines, has followed his wrestling career, and considers him to be an all-around super hero. That is something that the majority of the globe now agrees on.

Her devotion to “The Rock” was the driving force for her decision. She couldn’t imagine going to the senior prom with anybody other than the WWE superstar. Katie summoned all of her bravery and wrote to Mr Johnson, requesting that he be her date. You won’t believe how he answered… this is something she’ll remember forever.

Katie felt he was too busy because she had not received a response from him. Because of his schedule, it made perfect sense. Then something strange occurred. One regular day, Katie was sitting in her classroom. The announcements began, as they did every day, over the class speakers. Katie could see it wasn’t just any youngster making the announcements. A strange yet familiar voice echoed across the room.

It was Dwayne, her long-lost sweetheart! He had made a hidden recording of the daily announcements by calling the Stillwater High administration. Dwayne began by greeting the students and wishing them luck. Then he shifted his focus to Katie! The entire classroom turned around in surprise when Dwayne announced her name! Was she hallucinating? Could this be the case? Due to scheduling issues, The Rock had to refuse the invitation. He did, however, have something special in store for Katie!

Watch as Dwayne catches Katie off guard. Instead of disregarding its supporters, Hollywood should treat them like this. Dwayne Johnson is a true gentleman who goes above and beyond for his biggest admirer.

Check out the video below to see what “The Rock” did for his biggest fan.

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