The Most Beautiful Surprise – John Legend With A Wide Smile Listens To A Street Musician Who Sings His Song

While performing “All of Me” at a Boston shopping center, street musician Rada Rao noticed John Legend standing in the audience, smiling and hugging her before hugging her and handing her money.

Rada Rao is a street performer in Boston who often plays John Legend’s song “All of Me” as part of her set.

Rada has been performing every weekend in the same shopping center in Boston for the past three months, and at her most recent performance, she had a pleasant surprise: her performance was heard by John Legend.

Rada was performing “All of Me” in front of a crowd when she observed a man who looked much like John Legend.

“I saw a man in a coat and a protective mask with numerous children and thought to myself, ‘How much does he like John Legend?'” I didn’t pay any attention to him until he removed his mask, at which point it became evident that he was John Legend.”

The song was finished by Rada, and John Legend listened to it all the way through, and the occasion was documented on camera. John listens to his song with a broad smile on his face, and at the end, he leaves her money and hugs her, according to the singer.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to sing about the incredible John Legend and his family today,” the statement said.

“I wanted to keep the lovely moment going. I kept playing and singing and giving it my all.

“This means a lot to me,” he said, expressing his gratitude for his decision to remain, listen to me, and appreciate the local talent.



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