High School Homecoming King Gives Crown to Friend with Cerebral Palsy

Instead, at their last homecoming game, the quarterback crowned his cerebral palsy teammate.

Max Akin may be a talented high school football player, but it’s what he did for a friend that has elevated him to superstar status.

Akin, a quarterback at Fossil Ridge High School in Texas, was chosen homecoming king, but instead of claiming the honor for himself – even though he was a senior – he honored his cerebral palsy buddy, K.L. Norwood.

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Akin’s victory was revealed during halftime of his final homecoming game. He delivered the crown to K.L., who was also nominated, instead of taking it.

“I gave him a great embrace and said, ‘I love you buddy,’ then went down on my knees and presented the crown on him, like in a knight movie,” Akin added.

According to Akin, “Do I get to keep the crown?” K.L. began to cry a little and asked.

Huge applause greeted the gesture, with students and professors yelling K.L.’s name.

But Akin had already decided what he would do if he won.

“There were five people nominated.” There were a lot of wonderful men nominated, but K.L. deserved to be the winner. “I promised him that if I won, I would give him my crown,” Akin added.

K.L. became the football team’s manager a month ago, and Akin was ecstatic. The two have been friends since middle school.

“He is adored by everyone on the football squad.” “He’s a real character who understands how to make people laugh,” Akin remarked.

Tony Baccaroni, a football coach, said Akin’s actions do not surprise him.

“Max accomplished it all by himself.” That is exactly who he is. He adores everyone with whom he comes into contact. He has a lovely spirit. KL and Max are buddies with everyone at our 2,300-student school,” Baccaroni added.

Source: today.com


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