Megan Fox’s Engagement Ring, According To MGK, Is Covered With Thorns That Will Harm Her If She Attempts To Remove It

We’ve all heard by now that Machine Gun Kelly proposed to Megan Fox under the banyan tree where they experienced all of their “wonder.”

The unusual location is in front of the beautiful spa of the Ritz-Carlton Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico.

We’re not going to get into the part after the engagement when they drink each other’s blood.

They did, in fact, consume the blood of one of the victims. MGK previously discussed the ring’s stones and design with Vogue.

“It’s a Colombian emerald thoroughbred that hasn’t been handled.” It was practically sliced from the mine into the teardrop. The gem, too, came directly from Stephen.”

“The concept is that the ring may be split into two.” A magnet holds it together when it’s put together. So, do you see how it all works? Then it develops a mysterious heart.”

But there’s more: Machine Gun Kelly’s gesture of love and unity for Megan Fox epitomized the phrase “love is suffering.” Because removing it would cause the actress to bleed.

“And do you see what’s right in front of you?” In actuality, the bands are thorns. So if she tries to take it off, it hurts…”

“That’s absolutely lovely,” the interviewer said.

“Love is a torturous experience!” MGK reacted.



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