They Stayed Unmarried: As Kurt Russell Turns 70 Years Old, Goldie Hawn Says She Can’t Imagine Life Without Him

Goldie Hawn has had a long and successful acting career, but she has never allowed it interfere with her personal life. Hawn has established the ultimate couple goals with Kurt Russell, her longtime boyfriend, and the bar is set rather high when one looks at their gorgeous images and journey. Russell and Hawn have been together since 1983, nearly four decades, and are an inspiration in a business where real-life romances don’t endure long.

Kurt Russell will be 70 in March 2021, which is a significant milestone! Goldie Hawn paid a touching homage to her lifelong husband on the occasion, as did Kate Hudson for the man she has dubbed “Pa.”

Hawn and Russell have four children together, one biological child, and seven grandchildren, with their newest grandchild due in February 2021. The pair has showed the Hollywood business that a long-term, committed relationship is not only feasible, but can also allow you to grow when you find the right person, as they celebrate every new milestone together.

Russell, the iconic actress claims, still makes her feel attractive after nearly four decades of marriage. Despite never marrying, their love is timeless, and they continue to prove why they’re one of Hollywood’s greatest couples. They do, however, receive queries about why they have chosen not to marry, and they have previously expressed their decision in interviews. In fact, it’s possible that this decision has aided in the preservation of their relationship.

Goldie Hawn uploaded an old video of the dynamic pair joking about a hypothetical marriage proposal as a nice birthday tribute on Instagram, and it illustrates just how hilarious and kind both of them are. “Happy birthday, darling!” said the message on the photo. What a crazy journey it’s been. No, we never married, but our love for one other continues to deepen. You’re a crazy one, clever, charming, infantile, delightfully obnoxious, a magnificent parent, and profoundly amusing!” What a lovely sentiment stated by Hawn!

“I can’t picture my life without you, Kurt Russell, at any age.” You’re the one who got away.

“And you’re all mine,” the message went on.

The couple has been together for over four decades, and reading postings like these just proves that their love grows stronger with the passage of time.

Kate Hudson, Russell’s stepdaughter, also weighed in with a birthday message for her “Pa,” and it’s just as touching as her mother’s. Hudson used the chance to emphasize on how important Russell is in her life by posting an old flashback photo of their complete family. “I’m going to gush since I don’t often about this man but I thought since today he turns 70 I’m going to let it out,” she said in her passionate remark. In addition, he’ll never see this.”

The final statement is most likely a dig at Russell’s lack of an official Instagram account.

Hudson, on the other hand, hasn’t let that stop her from writing a heartfelt letter to her father figure.

“I frequently think about how different our lives would have been if he hadn’t come into the scene. What a different person I’d be. Please bear with me as I fill you in on the details “The starlet writes.

“He’s a dad who believes in pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Don’t weep, just brush it off and tell yourself you’re fine, kinda dad. Don’t let them get the best of you; you’ve got this, kinda dad. Don’t pay attention to the commotion; you’re doing a fantastic job, kinda dad. Kinda dad, shake those hips like no one’s looking. Kinda parent who always gets back on the saddle. Dad who never misses a show or a game. Kinda parent that puts his kids first. Kinda dad that works hard and plays hard. Kinda dad, my girl can conquer the world.”

It’s wonderful to know Russell has had such a positive influence on all of his children.

However, as Russell said in an interview with the Daily Mail in 2018, this was a purposeful decision on the side of the parents:

“Everyone has a marker for what is truly essential and where the line is drawn. This was a basic concept for Goldie and me: the kids came first. That major movie I passed up occurred at a time when they really needed one of us.”

It’s no surprise that the Hawn and Russell family is so close because of parents like these who prioritize their children. In a 2020 interview with People, Hudson discussed how important her parents are to her. “Mom is a butterfly who is dynamic. Pa, on the other hand, enjoys his family and his house. But when they’re together, it’s a force to be reckoned with.”

Hudson’s birthday homage to Russell, however, did not end there. The lengthy, in-depth post continues,

“His laugh will reverberate down the centuries as powerfully as his made-up tales of grandeur, which may or may not be genuine (may we never know). He’s a one-of-a-kind individual. One-of-a-kind A strong, clever, accomplished, and devoted family man. He has taught me that despite our differences, we can all live in peace and love. And his devotion to my mother and their never-ending quest for love is remarkable.”

“I’m a huge fan of this guy! A letter to all fathers of daughters. He gave me the gift of confidence, instilling in me the belief that I earned all I fought for and that he’d always be there for me no matter what problems I faced. You live boldly when you have a father who allows you to be confident. And thus is my Instagram love letter to my father, who turned 70 today. Pa, have a wonderful birthday. How about we give this crazy dude a huge Hip Hip Hooray!”

This is a lovely dedication from a daughter to her father, and it warms our hearts to see how close the entire family is! Hawn’s children are Hudson and her brother Oliver, whom she shares with her ex-husband Bill Hudson. Kurt has a son named Boston Russell from a previous marriage to Season Hubley, and Hawn and Russell have a son named Wyatt and have co-parented their blended family. The family has always come first for its members during their time together.

The couple has six grandkids on Hawn’s side. Oliver and his wife Erinn Bartlett have three children: Wilder, 13, Bodhi, 10, and Rio, 6. Meanwhile, Hawn is the grandmother of Kate’s three children: Ryder, 16, Bingham, 9, and Rani, one year old, from her former marriage to musician Danny Fujikawa. Wyatt and his wife Meredith Hagner recently had their first child, a boy!

Buddy was the name given to him by the couple, and we’re sure that everyone is overjoyed to welcome this new addition to their close-knit family. While Buddy’s birth date is unknown, Hagner disclosed in an Instagram post that he was born two weeks after they did a picture session for Vogue Magazine.

Hawn is “extremely close” to all of her grandkids, according to Hello! Magazine, and was even present at all of their births. “A good family is the secret to happiness,” Hawn told Australian Women’s Weekly. She continued,

“There is nothing in the world that could make me as proud of our children and grandkids as they make me. Being a grandma is incredible, and I adore it. It gives me a lot of pleasure. Family is really valuable.”

Russell and Hawn have been able to develop such a warm and loving family atmosphere since spending quality time with one other is one of their top priorities in life. “On Christmas Eve, we usually trim the tree and have a large feast,” Russell told Closer Weekly. “The grandchildren put on their jammies and hang their stockings up to dry. We light the fire and pick someone to read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ when it becomes dark.”

Hawn also prioritizes celebrating major milestones with her grandkids throughout the year, such as Rio’s preschool graduation and charity events for the Goldie Hawn Foundation. On her social media, photos from such occasions demonstrate how close the family is.

Since 1983, Kurt and Goldie have been together. They first met when working together in 1966, but reunited on the set of their film “Swing Shift,” and have been inseparable ever since. They even went on to feature in more films together after being romantically attached. In recent years, the pair has reunited on screen in “The Christmas Chronicles” films, where they play Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, respectively. The first film was released in 2018, and the sequel will be released in November of 2020. We couldn’t think of a finer duo to perform the legendary roles than Hawn and Russell, Hollywood’s golden marriage.

However, one fascinating aspect of their relationship is that they never opted to marry. In a 2007 interview with Woman’s Day magazine, Hawn spoke candidly about the subject. When asked why they aren’t walking down the aisle, Hawn said:

“We have done everything brilliantly without marrying. I already have a strong sense of commitment, and isn’t that what marriage is intended to accomplish? We’ll be OK as long as my emotional condition is one of commitment, honesty, care, and love.”

She goes on to talk about their kids and how they’ve raised them to be “wonderful individuals,” saying:

“We did a fantastic job there, and we didn’t even have to get married. I appreciate seeing him every day when I wake up and knowing that I have a choice. There’s no need to get married.”

Russell claimed in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning contributor Tracy Smith that after a disastrous marriage, he was trying to sabotage his connection with Hawn, especially in the early stages: “In reality, when I met Goldie, I was at a point in my life, and a period in my life, where I was going to put my worst foot forward in any sort of connection with the chance of a relationship,” the father-of-two explained. “I tried my hardest to put my worst foot forward. If you can manage that, there’s a chance you’ll be able to be together in reality.”

This appeared to startle Hawn, but Russell asserted that he did, claiming that he had been drunk when he first met her: “Well, the first time I saw her, I was very hungover.” That’s hardly a promising start.” “But you were fun,” Hawn said to Russell.

When asked what their relationship’s secret is, the two stars shrugged and stated there isn’t one. “You have to desire to be together,” says the narrator “According to The New York Times, Hawn stated. “It’s up, and down, it’s sideways, it’s whatever,” Russell said, echoing her mood. How do you explain it at the end of the day? … I’m saying the same thing you’re saying. That’s what I call love.”



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