Mother Plead Disrespectful Teenagers To Be Silent In Cinema But Was Later Contacted By Their Mom

It’s never easy to be a parent. It has its ups and downs, but the worst times may occasionally lead to some of the best. That’s what happened in this 2015 story, when a horrible experience for one mother was dramatically turned around.

It all began when Rebecca Boyd of Bessemer, Alabama learned that her husband had been laid off without warning. She was at a loss, but rather than wallow in the impending challenges, she decided to have one final outing with her adolescent daughter before money became too tight.

They planned to go to a movie at the Tannehill Premiere Cinema 14, but they had no idea that this night would lead to a moment that would change their lives forever.

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a fun girls’ night out turned sour when Boyd and her daughter discovered they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the movie since the two teenagers in front of them were talking and tapping their seats the entire time.

Boyd even turned around and requested the two females to be quiet, but they laughed right back at her. “There were two girls behind us, giggling, kind of talking… kicking my seat,” she told ABC News. She decided to take action and turned back to tell the loud teenagers:

“I just want you to be aware that your actions have an impact on those around you.” You never know what is going on in other people’s lives. My husband, for example, was just laid off from his work. You’ve spoiled the final movie I’ll be able to take my daughter to for a long.”

Unfortunately, the girls were unimpressed when Boyd urged them to be quiet. She stated to ABC News:

“They appeared unconcerned when I spoke with them. They were simply laughing in my face.”

Boyd gave up and went on her way with her own teenage daughter, assuming that was the end of it. She didn’t anticipate having another night of fun for a long time. But she had no idea that the youngsters’ brother had overheard everything and was humiliated.

When he and his sister returned home, he informed his mother of what had occurred, and she decided to intervene. She told the news organization:

“That shattered my heart… It made me feel a great deal of humiliation and embarrassment for the girls’ actions.”

The mother, Kyesha Wood, then resorted to Facebook in an attempt to locate Boyd and make amends with her daughter. The following is an excerpt from Wood’s post:

“The woman I’m seeking for spoke to (my girls) and told them to remain quiet, but they were rude… They owe you an apology for their nasty, insulting, and horrible behavior. My husband and I are having them write your apology letter tonight, and we’d like to use their allowance to pay for your next movie and snacks. If this is you, please contact me. I sincerely apologize for their rudeness.”

It was “a long shot,” as she wrote at the top of her piece, that the woman would see it, but thanks to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Boyd did.

The post was published by the sheriff’s office, and it quickly went viral, receiving over 250,000 likes. Sgt. Jack Self, who talked with ABC News, said:

“I reside in that neighborhood… I just thought that if I could put it in front of a larger audience, she might be able to find the lady she was seeking for.”

He was correct, and when Boyd saw the post, she commented. She and Wood finally met in person a few days later. “I was surprised that the mother supported me,” Boyd said. The two girls wrote the letter of apology that Wood promised, and she also handed Boyd money from their allowance so that she and her daughter could go to the movies again. “I feel they’re good girls,” Boyd continued. They simply made some errors.” “Rebecca is really the hero in this,” Wood added in the meanwhile. She continued, ”

“If Rebecca hadn’t said something to the girls, none of this would have happened.” That is something I believe more parents should do.”

“The objective was never to ridicule or humiliate the girls,” she added, “but at the same time, I think they understand the power of social media and how rapidly mistakes can spread.”

There’s no doubting that the teenage girls learned a valuable lesson that day.

Furthermore, not only did Boyd and Wood meet in person, but Boyd’s spouse received many job offers from prospective employers after Wood’s post went viral. Talk about their fortunes shifting!


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