After Being Given a Dowry Amounting to Approximately $766,186.00 in Cash, the Groom’s Mother Who Initially Disapproved of the Marriage with an Older Woman Finally Gave Her Blessing

Many people believe that age is simply a number and that one’s mental state is more important than their chronological age. So it is said. When a man or a woman wishes to marry someone considerably older, their parents frequently intervene, especially when the age difference is more than a decade!

This is the story of an older woman who married a young man in his early twenties. The groom’s parents, understandably, were not pleased. The bride, on the other hand, came up with the greatest option that she knew would be acceptable to her future in-laws.

In 2018, video of a 23-year-old guy marrying a 38-year-old woman went viral.

The significant age gap between the bride and the groom astonished citizens who watched the video. The woman is 15 years older than the man and only a year younger than his mother, according to reports.

The woman has a 14-year-old son from a prior marriage, according to sources, and she only married her former spouse after she became pregnant.

The groom’s parents first opposed their son marrying a much-older woman, but they eventually agreed after the bride presented them with a dowry of US $103,758.00 (660,000 yuan) in cash, a Ferrari, and some real-estate holdings totaling around US $150,926,639.30. A dowry with a hefty price tag!

The wedding took place in China’s Hainan Province, according to China Press, and the great occasion was a sumptuous celebration with the bride and groom’s family and friends.

The bride wore a traditional wedding gown with heavy gold jewelry, while the groom opted for a tuxedo for the occasion.

As the bride said her goodbyes to the guests, the happy pair sat in a red sports car, the groom with a huge smile on his face.

Everyone would believe that the pair is in love because of the smile on their faces, even though a close friend of the groom revealed that the bride was formerly the groom’s “sugar mama.” When they learned that the bride was pregnant, the pair decided to marry.

When the couple found out about the unforeseen pregnancy, they were in a casual relationship. The groom’s parents finally agreed to the marriage after the bride offered them housing and money as dowry.

Despite the slams and negative remarks from many netizens, many others applauded the newlyweds. Their family and friends wished them all the best, wishing them to stay in love forever and have a happy marriage.


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