Judges Laughed When He Came On Stage But After He Started Singing Everyone Broke Out Into Applause

The “X-Factor” is a popular reality show that is broadcast worldwide. It is a Simon Cowell-created televised music competition that has gained a lot of success in the United Kingdom. The X-Factor contestants are there not just to win a recording contract, but also to earn notoriety simply by appearing on the show. After winning, many contestants go on to become well-known musicians.

Willie Jones, a 17-year-old from Louisiana, was able to make the judges laugh almost immediately when he appeared on the show. His demeanor was one that the judges fawned over almost immediately.

They were not, however, prepared for the sound that would emerge from his mouth.

When the music began, Jones caught everyone off guard. Not only were the judges and the live studio audience stunned, but it was clear that they had no idea what was going on. That’s because Jones started singing a fantastic country tune. Jones was able to sing the song with just the right amount of southern twang and pitch.

As Jones took the stage and sang out his song, the judges couldn’t believe their ears. As he continued to astonish the audience with his flawless voice, they exchanged unbelieving expressions. They knew he’d have to advance to the next round without a doubt!

Simon Cowell is notorious for saying what he thinks. When he speaks to participants, he does not mince things, even if they are not what they want to hear. He, on the other hand, adored the voice he was hearing and was ready to tell Jones so.

Simon said, “You’ve exceeded my expectations, you’ve astonished me.” “I think your voice is a fantastic recording voice, and I want to remember the first time I heard Willie Jones – this is a day I’ll never forget.”

Willie’s audition can be seen below:


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