Kevin Costner Has Much Love To Give To His 7 Kids — Looking At The Actor’s Blended Family

Kevin Costner has always captivated audiences with his on-screen actions and emotions. Some consider Costner to be the “king” of Hollywood romance because he has starred in so many outstanding love stories.

Costner did not had much luck finding love in real life, despite his recurring position as the king of love on the big screen.

After years of trying and failing in unsuccessful relationships, the actor eventually discovered love at the age of 49, and he hasn’t looked back.

Kevin Costner is a multi-talented actor with a strong sense of likability. His renowned roles in films like “Field of Dreams,” “Bull Durham,” and “Dances With Wolves” reflect this. For for over three decades, Costner has been a huge Hollywood star.

While he is the epitome of a famous actor, the 66-year-old is also a leading man in his personal life, with seven lovely children. Yes! The California native also has four sons, Joe, Liam, Cayden, and Hayes, as well as three daughters, Annie, Lily, and Grace. Although the role may appear overpowering, Costner says he enjoys it that way.

In an interview with Closer Weekly, he discussed the challenges of dealing with two sets of children at the same time.

Why are there two sets of children? Costner’s children, on the other hand, are a family on a whole new level. With the varied sets from past partnerships ranging from the eldest to the smallest kiddies, the seven children have a 26-year age gap.

Costner was born on January 18, 1955, in Lynwood, California, the youngest of three sons. His middle brother, on the other hand, did not live long and died during childbirth. Costner spent his teenage years in Compton, California, relocating frequently due to his father’s career as an electrician, which required him to change bosses frequently. The family also lived in Ventura, Visalia, and Orange County, in addition to Lynwood and Compton.

In a 1989 interview with the New York Times, Costner described this phase of his life as “very difficult,” saying:

“Just to get along, I replaced my own individuality.” I gave up after being thrown into so many scenarios. I couldn’t come out as too powerful; I didn’t want to be too humorous or too good. I didn’t want the head guy’s girl to like me, either. I believe I lost a lot of faith in myself.”

“As [my] children engage together, there’s always this little piece of, ‘Do you care for us now as much as you care for them?” Kevin Costner stated in a 2015 interview. That’s just a natural occurrence, and you have to discuss the magnitude of love.” “Being able to love someone else doesn’t imply you don’t have love for yourself,” he added. Love appears to be able to hold on to as many individuals as are required in a circle.”

It can be difficult to having a super-famous parent like Costner. Because he understands how stressful life can be, the iconic actor reveals that he loves all of his children and is mindful of potential sibling rivalry.

For his interview, the Hollywood star got to sit down with the older kids, Annie, Joe, Lily, and Liam, to discuss any existing ‘jealousy’ in the extended family. He revealed the following:

“I basically told [my elder children] that they would have twice as much time with me on this world. ‘Look, they’re not going to have what you had,’ I remarked, and they all just embraced each other at that point.”

Despite playing a leading role in Hollywood, the 66-year-old is still second fiddle to his children, who are all distinct.

He couldn’t help but grin at the antics of his children, particularly his young daughter, Grace Costner. He recalled how the youngest had put him in his place in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Oscar winner humorously disclosed in a 2015 interview:

“I was watching ‘Black or White,’ and there was this scene where I was getting out of a pool….and she walked in and sat next to me…and she said, ‘Dad, you’ve got a fat belly!'”

“I attempted to convey to her character development, that I was going to be grandfather [in the film],” he continued.

Nonetheless, it’s fascinating that Costner’s children get to reveal the intimate side of their father. Here’s the real tale behind what the actor values most in his lovely children.

As you may know, Costner has had his share of love affairs, as have most Hollywood A-listers. Along with his several marriages and relationships, the actor has given birth to seven gorgeous children in the last two decades.

The Very First Marriage

Cindy Silva, a fellow student, was the actor-to-be Costner’s first love charm in 1975. Both fell in love with one other, and the pair married three years later. Costner would have three gorgeous children from this marriage: two daughters and a son.

Costner Annie

In April 1984, Kevin and Cindy welcomed Annie into the world as their firstborn child in Los Angeles County, California.

With a career in Hollywood, the 36-year-old follows in her father’s footsteps. Annie Costner is noted for her work as a producer, director, and actress. She has appeared in a few cameos early in her career, with “Dances With Wolves” and “Waterworld” being two of her best acting roles in Hollywood.

“El Cartel Cubano,” “Spike,” “ESPN 30 for 30: Bump,” and “The Discarded: A Tale of Two Rios” are among the films and shows that the eldest Costner has produced, according to IMDb. She also made strides as a filmmaker, focusing on certain documentary genres and movies with her own boutique production firm. Her personal life is a closely guarded secret, despite the fact that she has been married to Danny Cox since 2016.

Lily Costner is a well-known actress.

Lily Costner was born in August of 1986 in Los Angeles County, the second child of Kevin and Cindy Costner. She’s also a talented actress, having appeared in films including “The Postman,” “The Baby-Sitters Club,” and “Black or White.” Her acting career was the most amazing, as she began with a cameo performance in “The Baby-sitters Club” when she was nine years old.

Her charisma earned her the title of Miss Golden Globe a decade later, when she was just 18 years old. The pageant gives famous youngsters a chance to shine, with young winners giving speeches and awarding medals during the Golden Globes.

Joe Costner is a well-known actor.

Kevin and Cindy Costner have only one kid, Joe, from their marriage. The youngest son of a California family, he was born in January 1988. After six years of marriage, his parents divorced.

Joe Costner is a celebrity actor who had a brief career in Hollywood back then, which may come as no surprise. “The Postman,” in which he co-starred with his sister, is one of his masterpieces. With his appearances in the film “Tin Cup” and the short film “Oasis,” in which he received sound engineering credit, he also obtained an acting break. Joe Costner’s talent extends even farther, as he worked on the sound production for the suspense and horror film “Hawaa.”

Marriage No. 2

Kevin Costner remarried two years after his divorce in 1994, after going public about his then-girlfriend Bridget Rooney. The couple would welcome a son into the Costner family, but they would subsequently divorce amicably due to unexplained issues.

Costner, Liam

Liam, Costner and Rooney’s first and only child, was born in November 1996. Unfortunately, his parents’ love affair was short-lived, and the couple divorced while he was still a child. He has avoided the media and does not have a showbiz career, unlike the older Costners.

Marriage No. 3

Kevin Costner would welcome additional children with model and fashion designer Christine Baumgartner for the third time. The romance had started a decade before, but the two had not given it their all at first. After dating for four years, the couple reunited in 1998 before making their relationship official in 2004.

“‘I’ll wait for you, but not for long,’ she murmured. Come back to me when you’ve regained your senses.’ In 2012, the actor told Parade, “And I did.”

Since then, the pair has been happily married for 16 years and has three children of their own. Costner waited years to discover his true love, and now that he has, he will never abandon her. What’s his secret to a happy marriage? “Perhaps it’s the opportunity to say sorry,” Costner explained to Parade, adding, “I know that seems so basic.” However, as many relationship experts and couples all around the world know, expressing sorry is frequently the most difficult thing to do.

According to Variety, Costner and his love of his life spend a lot of time at a huge Colorado ranch. The Aspen Colorado estate was created by Costner and Baumgartner as a wealthy Rocky Mountain hideaway, with three luxury lodges, a couple fish-stocked ponds, a sledding hill, and a baseball field – all on the 160-acre property.

It will cost you a big sum if you and your special someone want to live out the Costner-Baumgartner romance. According to Variety, a night at the resort — which can accommodate up to 27 guests — costs $30,000. So even if you gather a large group of pals, you’re looking at a nightly cost of $1,111.

In addition, the pair owns a few of lovely residences near Montecito, California.

“Costner and Baumgartner significantly increased their Carpinteria assets in 2006 with the $28.5 million purchase of an underdeveloped 17.25-acre bluff-top property overlooking the Pacific only about half a mile down the beach from their oceanfront residence,” Variety wrote in 2019.

Costner appears to believe that he and his wife have finally found out how to live together, whether they’re on vacation in Colorado or hanging out in California.

In 2020, Costner told People, “Our partnership has really come into focus about what we do for each other and how we cope with our family.”

“Our house is like a river,” Costner continued, “you simply have to get into the flow of it.” “And whatever you hoped it would be, it might still be, but you’ll have to work with what the day brings.”

Costner Cayden
Cayden Wyatt was born to Costner and Baumgartner in a Los Angeles hospital in May 2007. After being on-and-off for more than a decade, the parents had only recently exchanged vows in 2004. Currently, the 13-year-old has chosen to keep a low-profile social presence in order to avoid making a name for himself in Hollywood.

Costner Hayes

Hayes Costner is the son of actor Kevin Costner and actress Marlene Baumgartner. In February 2009, the couple welcomed their son back into their star-studded lives. Costner, like his older siblings, is still too young to create a reputation for himself in Hollywood at the age of 11. And he has shown no interest in following in his father’s footsteps so far. Nonetheless, you can’t help but notice Hayes Costner accompanying his father to red-carpet events in Hollywood.

Grace Costner

Kevin Costner, who had had six children, welcomed his seventh and youngest child, Grace Costner, in June 2010. While following along with her brothers, the young Costner is also a regular presence at her father’s red carpet events.

Grace and her siblings, according to Costner, are “not really” aware of his Hollywood career. While it’s unavoidable, it’ll be interesting to see how big of a celebrity their father is in the rest of the globe.

The importance of family comes first.

Costner, a father of seven, has created a lovely family out of his various love tales. True to this, his years in show business have demonstrated that his children come first, with numerous red carpet appearances, mentoring of some to Hollywood, and frequent mention of his extended family in various acceptance speeches. Nonetheless, he is wary about picking favorites from among the group. Despite this, he is a wonderful father and, of course, a superstar actor with more than three decades of performing and parenting experience.


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