After Final Attempt To Have A Daughter, Couple Welcomes Quintuplets Instead

A couple in Surrey, North Dakota, had two wonderful boys, Jacob, 7, and Matthew, 2, but they wanted to expand their family. Joshua and Megan Hulen wanted a daughter and tried everything they could to make their dream come true. They tried reproductive treatments and drugs, but after certain complications, the physicians decided to stop everything. The Hulen family, on the other hand, was clearly destined to expand in size.

Joshua and Megan decided to quit trying to conceive via reproductive treatments. They were surprised to learn that they were expecting without the aid of IVF not long after. They weren’t expecting just one child; they were expecting five. The physicians stated that it was quite possible that none of the five infants would survive to full term, and that the chances of them even becoming pregnant with this many babies were already exceeding the norm.

Fortunately, everything went as planned, and the Hulens were able to expand their family much beyond their wildest dreams. The family welcomed five lovely and healthy infants into the world in September 2020, bringing the total number of family members to nine.

Following the birth of the quintuplets, the parents’ daily lives rapidly changed, as they needed to replace their vehicle and will eventually need to move to a larger home. While the parents have been extremely busy raising their children while sleeping little, they are ecstatic with their family and grateful for their children.

The Hulens talked out on becoming parents of seven kids, including their set of quintuplets, in an interview with Fox 4 in October 2020. Doctors had informed them that the infants had a one in 43 million chance of surviving to full term, but they did.

“They’re not viable, or one or two vanish, or those types of things happen,” Megan said doctors explained the process to her. So we said, ‘OK, there won’t be five of us.’ There will be two, three, or something like that.’ After a week, we returned and found five heartbeats.”

The parents were both surprised and nervous to have so many new babies in their lives. Megan stated, “It’s been incredibly weird, something we never expected.” “Pretty shocking, exhilarating, and horrifying all at once,” Joshua added.

The Hulens welcomed quintuplets Chloe, Adam, Emma, Allison, and Madison, who were born at 32 weeks, on Sept. 2, 2020. They are the first set of quintuplets to be born in the state of North Dakota, according to Fox 4. “It’s miraculous, but it’s also overwhelming,” Joshua remarked. Jacob and Matthew were equally pleased to take on the role of big brother to their new siblings. “I’m thrilled to be back home, and it’s simply incredible since this has never happened before,” Jacob added.

According to Fox 4, the family is already making plans for the future, knowing that they will need a larger vehicle and a larger home to accommodate all nine of children. Megan remarked, “We’re incredibly excited and happy to have a huge family.” “It’s greater than we expected, but… we’re blessed and grateful for it.”


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