“Master Don’t Love Me Anymore ” A Dog Who Is Upset Because The Owner Doesn’t Pay Attention To Him

“I, too, know how to love… ” Dogs, like humans, have the ability to experience love and affection. They experience jealousy when they are ignored.

A puppy, saddened by the fact that his owner was just holding the baby in his arms, lowered his head and cried.

The story of a dog who became melancholy because his devoted owner didn’t pay attention to him was recently featured in Taiwanese media outlet ETtoday.

The dog’s owner, according to sources, only held the baby in his arms to feed him formula and pat him on the back.

The puppy next to him appeared to believe that the owner would just love the infant while ignoring him.

“I’m a baby, too, and I’ll treat you nicely… ”

The puppy’s head was stooped down, his paws clasped together, and he had a mournful expression on his face.

When the guardian discovered his dog was sad, he turned around and hugged him repeatedly, assuring him that he was not forgotten.


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