Dwayne Johnson Gifts Veteran His ‘Personal Custom Truck’ As Holiday Surprise In Heartfelt Gesture

In a recent wholesome video, the 49-year-old actor can be seen surprised Navy vet Oscar Rodriguez with his own “own custom truck.”

Dwayne Johnson is spreading holiday cheer by giving a fan who has touched his heart his own truck. In a recent wholesome video, the 49-year-old actor can be seen surprised Navy vet Oscar Rodriguez with his own “own custom truck.” According to PEOPLE, the Red Notice star surprised his fans by going to a cinema theater to see his latest picture.

But he had a special present for one of them, and that gift was for Rodriguez. After hearing his life tale, Dwayne felt compelled to do something special for him.

“Today was a fantastic day. @coach orod, have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your new truck. I invited fans to a special RED NOTICE theater screening, and I wanted to do something special for them all “read the heartfelt post’s caption “@projectrock, @teremana, @zoaenergy, and @saltandstraw ice cream are all offering free concessions. Everything is free, and you’ll have a terrific time at the movies! I also wanted to do something BIG… something MASSIVE…something that would leave an indelible impression on one admirer “He made a point.

Dwayne’s “initial intention was to give away the Porsche Taycan, which I drive in the movie Red Notice,” but when that fell through, he chose to give away his own truck. “So we contacted Porsche, but they declined. Nonetheless, I said yes. I’ll go one step further. As a gift, I’ll give away my own bespoke truck. My little one.” The kind actor went on to explain why Oscar’s story had such an impact on him.

“I gathered as much information about everyone in the audience as I could, and Oscar’s story eventually impacted me. He looks after his 75-year-old mother. Trainer for individuals. He is the pastor of his church. Provides meals and support to women who have been victims of domestic violence. Navy veteran who is both proud and humble. Human being who is kind. Just before he drove away, Oscar stated it perfectly: “It’s just love.” Brother, that’s all there is to it. Simply love, “the actor continued. “Enjoy your new truck, buddy, and have a wonderful Christmas with your family!!!”

Dwayne can be heard in the video requesting the veteran to come on stage before addressing everyone about what a kind guy he is. Rodriguez seemed to be in astonishment at this point that “The Rock” is praising him in front of such a large crowd. “I’m at a loss for words. I had no idea this was going to happen. This is such a wonderful thing. It’s great to finally meet you. Right now, I’m feeling very optimistic. I’ve never felt so elated in my life. You, Dude, you’re the boss. I also appreciate the fact that I follow you on Instagram. I’m paying attention to what you’re saying. Your determination inspires me. You obviously inspire a lot of people. You motivate me, “”I’m overtaken with feelings,” the young man is overheard saying.

“Let’s change the world, one person at a time,” the personal trainer remarked, as Dwayne agreed. He then thanked Rodriguez for his service and led him out the door. “Come on over here, guy. I’d like to show you something quickly. I’ve figured it out. This card was written especially for you. It’s only a minor annoyance, “While handing him a card stating that the truck was now his, the Baywatch actor remarked. “What the hell is going on?” says an overwhelmed Rodriguez as he collapses to the ground.

Dwayne reminisced on the priceless moment as Rodriguez drove away with his new truck, saying, “[It was] really an honor for me to offer a little bit of joy to someone who deserves a lot more than just my truck.” “And now I can figure out how I’m going to get home,” he continued, amusingly. I don’t have a ride since I don’t have one.” Rodriguez afterwards proceeded to Instagram to express his thoughts on the powerful. “There are no words to describe how fortunate and grateful I am!! Again, there are no words, only scripture.


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