WE HAD NO CLUE: Owen Wilson Pays $25,000 a Month for His Baby Who He Has Never Met

If you base your view of Owen Wilson on the roles he’s done in the past, you’re probably thinking he’s a fantastic father.

Regrettably, this does not appear to represent the complete truth. He is the father of three children by three separate women, and he sees his two boys on a regular basis.

Despite paying a monthly child support payment of $25k, he has never met his daughter.

Owen Wilson, 51, is the father of two sons from two prior marriages. However, he initially refused to recognise his most recent child. Varunie Vongsvirates, the actor’s ex, had to submit a paternity claim in court in May 2018 after the child was born in October 2018. Wilson’s inability to believe that he was the father of the small girl, Lyla Aranya Wilson, led to this.

Despite their uncanny similarity, the famous actor stated in July 2018 that he did not want visitation rights since he did not feel baby Lyla was his child. Instead, Wilson requested a DNA test. Clearly, the test results established that he is the father.

The courts ordered that he must begin supporting his daughter after the results confirmed that he is the father and thus has a financial duty to the child. As a result, he now pays his ex $25,000 per month for his daughter’s care and expenditures, and he has added her to his Screen Actors Guild medical insurance. Wilson was also had to pay a one-time sum of $70,000 to cover the costs of a night nurse, labor coach, and his ex’s legal bills.

Nonetheless, her mother has sole legal authority over all of the girl’s decisions, including medical, educational, and other matters. As of now, it appears that the actor does not wish to be associated in any manner with his daughter or ex-girlfriend.

The former couple pledged to not disparage each other online, in interviews, or in public by signing documents. Despite having full custody, the mother has stated on the internet that she still wants her daughter to meet her father. When asked if she has a message for her ex, she replied:

“You should go see your kid; she’s amazing, and you’re missing out.” She bears a striking resemblance to you.”

Vongsvirates claims that her daughter, like his two sons Ford and Finn, requires her father’s attention and deserves his time. Wilson, perhaps, will see sense and Layla will not have to grow up without her father’s love.


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