Waitress Who Was Denied Customer’s $2,000 Tip Has Money Paid By Boss

After receiving a barrage of insults, the restaurant owner decided to reimburse the waitress for the money she had been given as a tip.

The media has a significant impact on how we see events and persons in our society. Their strength has been demonstrated a million times. This time, after telling her tale to a local TV station, one woman was able to make up for the injustice she had suffered.

The manager of a Texas waitress gave her the money from the $2,000 tip she had previously failed to earn after being publicly chastised.

Emily Bauer, 21, was working at San Antonio’s Red Hook Seafood and Bar when she received the massive tip from an unnamed male customer. Her managers, however, refused to give her the money at the end of the shift, claiming that they could not process tip sums greater than $500.

The mother of two subsequently shared her experience to a local television station, and the eatery has been heavily chastised since then.

The owner of the restaurant, John Cheng, had a different take on the story. He explained that the customer’s credit card had refused, so he couldn’t give Bauer the $2000 gratuity.

Nonetheless, he resolved the matter and paid the woman $2000 out of his own pocket a few days later.

He stated:

‘It’s the holiday season, and everyone is in a tight spot. ‘I’m getting ready to give it to her as a Christmas present.’

Despite being earlier denied the funds, Texas waitress Emily Bauer has been handed $2000 by her employer following days of criticism.

When she received the check, the mother of two was taken aback. Aside from the tip, the unidentified man left Bauer a beautiful message wishing him a happy holiday season.

As a ‘Christmas gift,’ restaurant owner John Cheng claims he has decided to give Bauer $2000 of his own money.

Restaurant management indicated that they have received a barrage of hate from customers who feel they cheated Bauer out of money on purpose. Due to the incident, one employee said that they had ‘zero clients’ all day.

As a result, the restaurant’s management decided to write a Facebook post claiming that the $2000 gratuity had never been processed through their system.

It said:

‘Let me just explain that the gentleman’s card prevented us from posting [processing] the tip.’

We tried several times, Emily tried several times, and the bosses tried several times… Visa was unable to impose a $2000 tip on his card, which was declared invalid and eventually denied. It’s impossible for us to charge a card $500 four times; it’s a fraud.’

They went on to say that the man who had left the tip had called to see if the money had reached the waitress:

‘The Gentleman called after he left that evening, wondering if Emily would be able to collect her tip; he was advised by management that the tip would NOT process, and if he could come by and give her in cash or a check made payable to her; he answered ‘fine’ and immediately hung up.’

Later, Emily stated:

“I can’t thank the owner of my work enough for giving it to me, even if it wasn’t his fault.”

The restaurant claims the man’s credit card denied the $2000 tip in a Facebook post.

Because the identity of the generous man is unknown, many people believe he was playing a joke by writing such a large figure on the bill.

After Emily repeated apologizing for the “slow” service, he left the once-in-a-lifetime tip over the weekend. He understood her because he had had restaurants, she stated.

Nonetheless, she was taken aback when she noticed the $2,000 tip on top of a $69.01 bill, as well as the note:

“Have a wonderful Christmas!” “Keep up the good work!”

She said she planned to spend all of the money on Christmas presents for her two sons, a 2-year-old and a 5-month-old, after her boyfriend was laid off because to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“It’s been such a trying year for us.” I was hoping for something similar to happen.”


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