Two Albino Sisters with 12-Years Age Difference; Their Physical Appearance was Once Mocked, Now They are the Most Beautiful Models

Albinism is a collection of genetic illnesses in which the pigment melanin, which affects the color of the skin, hair, and eyes, is produced in insufficient amounts, causing issues with eye development and function in all forms. (Center for Genetic and Rare Diseases Information)

“When God closes a door, he opens a window somewhere else.” Asel, 14 years old, and Kamila, 2 years old, are sisters from Kazakhstan. They were born with “albinism,” and since they were children, they have been mocked and insulted in various ways. When her sisters were born, her mother, Aimen Sarkitova, was likewise taken aback. When everything appeared to be normal, she had no idea what was going on.

“People are amazed at the sisters who were born pure white,” Aimen Sarkitova stated. Many folks are baffled as to why this is. Doctors believe the children’s father is Russian as well.”

Everything is normal for Asel (left, top row), who has an 8-year-old brother with dark complexion. The younger brother is equally perplexed as to why his older sister is so different from the rest of the family. They were later discovered to have relatives who carried the Albinism gene.

Asel, despite being born as a “albino,” is just like any other child. Her complexion, hair, and eyes are all white, and she can’t be exposed to too much sunlight. Asel was taunted by her peers at first, and she didn’t know how to handle the matter on her own.

Asel was approached to shoot for an advertisement by an advertiser at one point, and her great life began from there. Asel is now a well-known model, and she takes her younger sister to a photoshoot with her.

As a model, Asel grew to be generous and self-assured. She fearlessly stood in front of the camera to show off her individuality. She now has approximately 70,000 Instagram followers, and the “pure white” sisters are attracting an increasing number of people. Asel’s younger brother is equally pleased to present them to people; however, his sister and younger sister are not the same. Smile at life and you will get greater happiness.


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