Newborn Baby’s Face Light Up When She Recognizes Her Father’s Voice, Moments After Birth

Flávio Dantas was so excited about the birth of his daughter, Antonella, that he talked to his unborn child every day. Antonella understood his voice and answered with the most beautiful smile the moment she was born, he had no idea.

Flávio’s partner, Tarsila Batista, claims that the father-to-be never went a day without massaging her abdomen and speaking to their unborn baby daughter.

“He often told her how much he loved her,” Tarsila told the Brazilian publication SoNoticiaBoa. “When I got to work, I said, ‘Good morning.’ He continued rubbing my belly and saying, ‘I’ll always be there.’

When Flávio chatted to Antonella, Tarsila noted how she moved around.

“Amazingly, she seemed to start moving at the same time every day,” she claimed.

Flávio was ready to greet Tarsila for the first time when she gave birth to Antonella on August 11 at the Marcilio Dias Naval Hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

Flávio repeated his remarks to his newborn daughter, Antonella, just like he did when she was still in the womb, but this time the newborn answered with more than just kicks.

Her face brightened up the instant she heard her father’s voice. Her expression says it all.

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“They lay her on top of me, asleep, and Antonella opened her eyes and smiled as soon as he talked to her,” Tarsila recalled.

Flávio, on the other hand, could not hold back his tears when he realized his daughter had recognized his voice.

“I thought I knew what true love felt like. Until I saw the most genuine smile I’d ever seen,” Flávio explained.

“It was [there] that I knew what love was,” the new parent continued.

“And it’s at that point that people forget about their sorrow and concentrate on the most genuine smile they’ve ever seen.

“On Father’s Day, my princess was born,” Tarsila wrote on Facebook, beside a snapshot of the special occasion.

Antonella’s reaction appears to have surprised not only her parents, but also everyone else in the delivery room and thousands of others online.

People all over the world congratulated the couple on the birth of their daughter after seeing the gorgeous snapshot.

It will undoubtedly be a day to remember for Flávio throughout his fatherhood!


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