Young Girl Katie Moves To Uganda To Volunteer, Adopts 13 Daughters And Finds Love!

Katie Davis, 18, left her life in Tennessee and took the riskiest step of her life: instead of going to college, she packed her belongings, moved to Uganda, adopted 13 daughters, and fell in love.

She was senior class president, homecoming queen, and lived in Nashville, Tennessee, with a convertible vehicle, fancy clothing, and a boyfriend.

However, she felt compelled to fulfill a different mission and make a difference in the lives of others.

“I gave up my life… I dropped out of college, ditched my nice designer clothing and my yellow convertible, and dumped my lover. She told Today’s Christian Woman, “I no longer have all the things the world claims are vital.”

So, despite having planned her journey as a year-long mission trip, Sarah ended up launching Amazima in 2008.

According to Amazima’s Facebook page, the organization’s aim is to “live out the love of Jesus by educating and strengthening the people of Uganda and the communities we serve.” What a wonderful thing to do!

She even became a mother of 13 after working in an orphanage.

She opted to raise 13 Ugandan girls as her own when she was just 23 years old, claiming that she was inspired by God to do so.

Katie explained, “God made it apparent to me that we were to be a family.”

She explained that while caring for kids isn’t always simple, loving them has taught her what it is to truly love someone else.

Soon after, the inspiring woman met the love of her life, and the two married and had a child of their own!

Katie met Benji Majors, a fellow missionary who grew up in the same Tennessee town as her. What a synchronicity! She believes they were brought together by fate.

In 2015, the gorgeous couple married the wedding in front of their 13 beautiful daughters.

This wonderful story should serve as a reminder to all of us to constantly consider how we can assist and care for those in need!


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