The Most Surprising Viral Video Ever: Romantic Clip Of Elderly Man Meeting His Wife With Flowers At Airport Has More Than 60Million Facebook Views

It’s a video that indicates romance isn’t dead, and it looks to have captivated the hearts of almost 60 million internet users.

The touching footage was shot in stealth at the Van Nuys Flyaway at Los Angeles International Airport and depicts a well-dressed elderly guy waiting for his wife.

He stands awkwardly by his side, one hand clutching a card, like an adolescent on a first date.

So excited: The 80-year-old had been waiting for his 75-year-old wife of five years at LAX after their first separation 

While waiting for his companion to come on the shuttle bus from LAX airport, he holds a large bouquet of flowers out in front of him with the other hand.

When he sees his other half arriving, he breaks into a big smile and extends his arms to meet her.

As the man reaches in to kiss his female buddy before pulling her in for a cuddle, the video maker, a YouTube user going by the name Valerie Jane, can be heard expressing her happiness.

The couple kisses for about ten seconds before unlocking their arms and kissing each other again.

The man then presents his other half with a bouquet of flowers and a note, before kissing her one last time to seal the deal.

The big moment: A smile appeared on Bernie's face when he saw Carol and he moved in to give her a kiss

When the man saw his other half, a smile came on his face, and he stepped in to kiss her.

What a gentleman: Carol had been on the East Coast for a family wedding, and Bernie was happy to meet her with flowers upon her return 

The 30-second video has been seen over 60 million times since it first appeared on the internet.

‘As I was waiting to board the bus at Van Nuys Flyaway, I noticed this old man standing with roses and chocolates in his hand, waiting for his wife to arrive from the airport,’ YouTube user Valerie wrote in her original description for the footage.

‘This depicts the pinnacle of love.’ My heart melted, demonstrating that this type of love exists. Hopefully, the two wonderful persons in the video will notice.’

However, the identity of the beautiful pair involved is unknown.

Online dating: Both Carol and Bernie had been married for 50 years before their first spouses passed away; the two met on eHarmony 

Later, the charming man released go of his wife and handed her the card and a bouquet of flowers.

Several people have commented on the touching act on YouTube and Facebook since the video was posted.

‘The older you become, the more you understand that it isn’t what you have in your life that matters, it is who you have,’ remarked Youtube user Jay Callaghan.

‘No matter how old you are, genuine love lasts forever,’ said another commenter, who went by the YouTube handle NMRO2000 LV. ‘This is the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen.’

‘What a true gentleman, not many of them left,’ remarked Facebook user Jo Headon.


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