This Poor Child Returned A Wallet To It’s Owner And Asked For A Dollar In Return But He Was Laughed At—They Were Ashamed When They Found Out Why

In the 1990s, philanthropist Kenneth Behring was passing through the San Francisco Bay Area when he found his wallet was stolen. “Perhaps you misplaced your wallet on your morning walk through Berkeley’s slums,” his aide speculated.

“What are our options now?”

“We can only wait for the individual who picked up my wallet to contact us,” Behring stated hesitantly.

“Well, let’s not waste our time waiting for someone living in the slums to return your wallet,” Behring’s assistant said, dissatisfied, two hours later. We shouldn’t have expected much from these individuals.”

“No, I still want to wait and see,” Behring responded quietly.

“The individual who picked up your wallet might have simply phoned us because there are business cards in your wallet,” the assistant wondered. Making a call just takes a few minutes. We’ve been waiting since mid-afternoon. It appears that whomever took your wallet had no intention of returning it to you.

Behring was adamant that he would keep waiting. The phone rang as the day faded to darkness. The guy who picked up Behring’s wallet was the one who called. He asks Behring to go to Kata Street and get his wallet.

“Could this be a trap?” murmured Behring’s assistant. Maybe they’re threatening or blackmailing us?”

Behring brushed aside his helper and headed to Kata Street. When they arrived, a little child in a tunic approached them, holding Behring’s missing wallet in his small hands. Behring’s helper quickly took the wallet and tallied the contents. He was taken aback by the fact that there was not a single note missing.

“Sir, may I make a request for a small sum of money?” “Sheepishly,” the youngster replied.

“See, I knew it…” Behring’s assistant chuckled after hearing those comments. Behring interrupted his helper with a smile and said, “How much do you want?” before he could complete his statement.

“It’s only a buck.” The youngster responded meekly. “I had been seeking for a public phone for a long time, and when I finally located one, I had no money on me, so I had to borrow a dollar from the store owner to make this call.” I now require that $1 in order to refund the funds to him.”

Behring’s aide was embarrassed after hearing the boy’s explanation.

Behring was so moved that he hugged the youngster.

Behring immediately altered his previous charitable plans. Behring put his money into a number of schools in Berkeley, the goal of which was to educate children from the slums.

“We must not presume that everyone out there is greedy or selfish,” Behring remarked during the opening ceremony. We need to create place for everyone and give them the chance to show that they have pure and compassionate hearts. It’s worth investing in people with these compassionate hearts.”


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