85-yo Grandmother Spends Hours In Seawater Every Day To Support Her 61-yo Disabled Child

Despite the fact that she is 85 years old, this elderly woman still gets up early every morning and spends her day on the beach of a Vietnamese bay in order to help her 61-year-old mentally challenged kid.

Nguyen Thi Ro gets up early every morning to harvest cockles and mussels to sell at the market.

Unfortunately, raking up only a few pounds of cockles and mussels is extremely difficult for her weak physique since it forces her to spend extended periods of time in the ocean.

While she may catch some cockles and mussels to sell at the market after hours in the sea, the demanding job typically leaves her skin irritated and flaking by the end of the day.

Nguyen frequently develops rashes as a result of bathing in the water for long periods of time.

However, once her husband died when she was 70 years old, it was the only option for the elderly widow to support herself and her 61-year-old adopted kid.

Ngyuen started to sell cockles and mussels in the market after her husband died because it was difficult for her to find other work, especially at her age.

Fortunately, Nguyen is never without assistance from her locals, who frequently volunteer to assist her in picking cockles and mussels, as well as purchasing her daily catch to support her company.

Despite the fact that she, too, need treatment for her rashes, almost all of the earnings she makes from selling cockles and mussels go to her child’s therapy and medicine.

Even though life is difficult for this elderly mother, it does not deter Ngyuen from remaining hopeful and cheery for the sake of her loving kid.


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