She Adopts A Child And Discovers It Was Her Son Who Had Disappeared 10 Years Ago

She adopts a child and realizes it is her son, who has been missing for ten years.

GS’s world was turned upside down when she was driving her 3-year-old kid to school and became preoccupied for a few seconds, losing sight of him. GS feared she’d never see him again after searching for him for hours.

After the first few hours, a huge group of moms from the same school banded together with the police to begin the hunt for little Bernardo, but all signs pointed to the boy having vanished without a trace.

GS claims she never thought her kid was dead and wanted to locate him one day, but her husband believes this is impossible and that she is obsessed with finding him. The marriage ended up breaking up as a result of this discrepancy.

Over the age of ten, the hunt for Bernardo slowed, but GS continued to work with search groups, identifying missing children, private investigators, and police stations to try to uncover evidence of her missing kid.

As a result, she began approaching foster homes and shelters for children without parents or with family difficulties. “Why don’t you offer your love to a child who needs it until you locate your child?” a doctor urged her in one of these houses.

GS began to consider this idea more seriously, and it was then that she met Tomás, a 13 to 14-year-old child who piqued her interest. The young man never played with others and sat in a corner creating pictures.

GS approached her the first time she was with Tomás and asked if she could view his lovely artwork better. The young man nodded and handed him the piece of paper, which depicted a happy woman with her arms wide.

“Can you tell me who she is?” GS was the one who inquired. “This is my contented mum.” My mother used to be joyful, then she became quite upset one day. “I prefer to recall her cheerful smile,” the young man stated.

“Please accept my apologies, Tomás.” “Can you tell me where your mum is now?” GS inquired, to which the youngster shook his shoulders and began to cry as he walked away. Finally, he admitted that his mother drank too much, prompting GS to hug him on the spur of the moment. GS felt the boy’s tears on her cheek as he returned the hug.

Tomas’ doctor subsequently revealed that it was the first time he had seen the toddler form such a bond with someone. After that, GS made the final decision to give Bernard’s house to Tomás, whom she realized she really needed.

Tomás’ life altered dramatically after that day.

He became a very happy youngster when he got to GS’s house, despite the fact that it was difficult for them to adjust to their distinct lifestyles at initially. GS, on the other hand, had more patience and won the game.

She overheard him humming a melody that stunned her. She had never heard him sing before, but it wasn’t the thing that drew her in.

He was taken aback because, upon hearing the tune Tomás was singing, he immediately recognized the melody: it was the lullaby he had composed for Bernardo.

He decided to look into how the young man knew the song so well without hesitation. The youngster grinned and told her that this was the song that his “happy mother” used to sing to him and that it made him happy.

GS was taken aback when he saw Tomás and noted that, like Bernardo, he had dark hair and brown eyes, but these are qualities shared by millions of boys throughout the world! Is it possible to be the son who was taken more than ten years ago?

She thought to herself, “I’m dreaming things,” but she went out and bought a DNA kit, which she utilized.

She collected the results in a sealed envelope and went straight home after taking the sample for analysis and taking it to the laboratory. They had no choice but to find out the truth. GS read the result in front of Tomás and sank to her knees in front of the young man. It was established that Tomás was, in fact, Bernardo!

How did it happen? So, what happened to him all those years ago? These were the first questions GS posed to the newfound Bernardo, who informed her about his upbringing and how he ended himself in his foster home.

GS overheard Bernardo begin to explain the lady he grew up with, but who he knew wasn’t his mother, without saying anything.

GS then decided to pay her a visit and demand compensation for what she had put them through. They banged on the door of the woman in question till she emerged, obviously deteriorating, and inquired who they were.

“You kidnapped my son, monster!” You kidnapped my baby, my happiness, and mistreated him before finally sending him away! I’d like you to tell him the truth now!” GS yelled.

The lady stated it was only an attempt to replace the vacuum left in her life by the real Thomas, and she demanded to be treated. In the case of the young guy, he chose not to file charges, and GS decided to back him up in all of his actions.

They are now happily married, and he has decided to drop the name Bernardo in favor of Tomás, the name by which the youngest identifies himself, the name of the boy who discovered his true mother and the name that has shaped his life.


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