Buying Second Hand Bedroom Set From Deceased Couple For $325, Woman Accidentally Finds A Secret Fortune

Laural Jaecks purchased a used bedroom set from a Facebook Marketplace vendor.

Laural, of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, said the hardwood dressers and headboard were a deal at $325, considering the pieces were of the highest quality in artsanshp.

The furniture had formerly belonged to an elderly couple who had recently ss. Laural was the one who bought the set from the couple’s kid. He also took care to show her several of the hidden compartments in the dresser.

He had no idea there was a chamber he hadn’t seen previously.

Laural carried the bedding set home, and when she and her husband shifted the headboard, they discovered the secret chamber, which was stuffed with $100 bill envelopes.

The Jaecks had counted $11,000 in cash before they realized it!

They also discovered financial records from the seller’s recently dead parents, which reminded Laural of the previous owners.

Laural phoned the seller, who was taken aback by his parent’s unexpected wealth. But he was taken aback when he learned what Laural intended to do with it.


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