2 Strangers Secretly Cleared Snow All Winter So Elderly Man Could Reach His Late Wife’s Memorial

County employees Jerrod Ebert and Kevin Schultz went to Lakeside Park in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and didn’t expect to see anyone because of the snow. On a snowy day, however, the two guys noticed an older man waiting in his car in the parking lot.

Jerrod Ebert and Kevin Schultz were perplexed by the old man’s behavior. However, after observing him for a little while, they both realized what he was up to. In the park, there was a bench dedicated to Betty Caldwell, who had recently died away, and the man in the automobile was her husband, Bud Caldwell.

Betty had always enjoyed the song “Daisy a Day,” so when they couldn’t be together after 55 years of marriage, Bud would bring daisies to her bench on a daily basis. Bud had been waiting in his car since there was too much snow for him to walk up to the bench.

Bud believed no one had noticed him, but Jerrod Ebert and Kevin Schultz were watching him out in his car on this snowy day.

“It took us both a little back,” Jerrod said.

When Bud returned to the park the next day, he saw that just the walkway to Betty’s seat had been shoveled. Bud could now bring flowers to his wife’s memorial thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

“One day I pulled up there and the path was shoveled,” Bud gladly said. “I was on the verge of collapsing on my knees.”

Bud began to realize that the walkway had been shoveled just for him. This man couldn’t believe someone could be so thoughtful.

Jerrod and Kevin started shoveling the walkway every day before Bud arrived, and they didn’t stop even though Bud was the only one who came to the park.

“We were simply doing what we thought was our duty,” Jerrod explained. “Some intuition, whether it divine or anything else, says that’s why you’re here — to aid one another.”

Bud may now display a picture of his wife on the memorial seat all year. He chats to her and frequently sings to her Daisy a Day, her favorite tune.

Bud sighed as he moved away from the bench, “See ya tomorrow, munchkin. I adore you.”


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