Girl Ashamed to Invite Grandma with Trembling Hands to Her B-Day Learns She Is in the Hospital

Because she is ashamed of her grandma, a girl refuses to invite her to her birthday celebration. When her grandma becomes ill one day before her birthday, life teaches her a vital lesson.

Harriet Sutton’s heart, as well as her health, seemed to forsake her after her husband Stewart died. Harriet, a beautiful, vivacious 60-year-old lady who seemed ten years younger, just fell.

Concerned about his mother’s health, her son, Alex, moved her to New York with him, hoping that being surrounded by family would help her overcome her despair and mend her shattered heart. But, to to Alex’s dismay, things worsened with time, and Harriet’s bad health progressed to Alzheimer’s disease.

Harriet was suffering from Alzheimer's | Photo: Shutterstock

Lynn, Harriet’s 10-year-old granddaughter, sympathized with her grandma’s position at first when her mother explained that her grandmother was unwell and required care. However, as time went on, she got increasingly angered by her behaviors and impatient with everything she did.

“Mom! Could we perhaps bring meals to Grandma’s room?” One evening, while she was preparing the dinner, Lynn muttered to her mother, Amanda.

“But, honey, why? Do you recall what your father said? Grandma need special attention in order for her to recuperate swiftly.”

“But mum,” Lynn grumbled as she took a seat, “I don’t enjoy having meals around her.” “Her hands continue to tremble, and she has dropped meals several times. IT’S SO GROSS!”

“Lynn!” Her mother had cautioned her. “That’s not how you should talk about your grandmother! This isn’t a favorable situation.”

“I don’t give a damn, mum!” Lynn shot back, “I don’t want to be in her company. SHE’S EWW! I’m going to dine in my room “and took her dish with her.

Lynn voiced her dissatisfaction at Harriet attending her birthday party | Photo: Pexels

Lynn was turning eleven in two weeks. Amanda was concerned about her daughter’s unpleasant conduct, thinking that she might strike out at her Grandma at the celebration, causing the elderly lady to cry.

“Honey, what are we going to do? I contemplated inviting all of her friends, but given her recent conduct, I’m concerned she’ll also rage at your mother in front of others “When Alex returned home from work, she informed him.

“Amanda, no. That’s not the case. Lynn’s conduct is intolerable. She’ll keep acting like that and harming mum if we don’t discipline her now.”

“However, honey…” Lynn barged into the dining room and began ranting at her parents before Amanda could say anything.

“Everything was heard by me! I’m sure you’d want to invite Grandma to my birthday bash! I, on the other hand, do not want her to arrive!”

Her father retorted, “Lynn!” “You’re talking about your grandma, who loves you, and she’s your grandmother? That isn’t the case, tiny one.”

“But, father! Grandma is unwell. Her hands quiver, and she constantly spills food. My pals are going to make fun of me!”

“Lynn, she’s old and in need of our assistance. Are you going to assist Grandma? Aren’t you a lovely young lady?”

“NO, DAD!” exclaims the narrator. Lynn’s voice was slightly elevated. “THIS IS NOT THE TIME. GRANDMA IS NOT INVITED TO MY PARTY!”

Enraged by her conduct, her father was on the verge of yelling at her. “Lynn, this isn’t finished. We won’t hear from you again since your Grandma is coming to the celebration! One day, we shall all be elderly. Will you continue to treat us the same way when we get old and ill?”

Lynn was irritated by her parents’ preference for her Grandma over her. She whirled around and went away, teary-eyed, slamming the plate she’d brought from her room onto the table. She eventually regretted being so nasty to her grandma a few days later.

“I’m sorry, Lynn,” her mother replied over the phone as she frantically gathered her stuff to leave her workplace.

“What? No way, mama! Is it because I made derogatory remarks about Grandma? I’ll ask her to the party if that’s okay with you. Please don’t call it off “Lynn pleaded.

Lynn’s mother stated, “It’s not like that.” “Your grandma was hospitalized to the hospital this morning while you were at school. After staying up all night crocheting warm gloves for your birthday present, she suffered a stroke. I’ll pay her a visit in the hospital. Aunt Emma is on her way. Please don’t annoy her with your presence.”

Lynn almost dropped the phone when she received the devastating news. “No way! Is it possible that Grandma became ill as a result of my presence? Please accept my apologies, Mom. I shouldn’t have talked about her like way.”

“No, honey,” Amanda reassured Lynn, “it’s not your fault.” “Grandma had just worked herself to exhaustion. Okay, she’ll be OK.”

“What if she doesn’t recover?” says the mother. Lynn inquired, her eyes welling up with tears. “I was quite cruel to her. Is it possible for me to accompany you to the hospital? I’d like to meet her!”

Amanda attempted numerous times to explain to Lynn that she would take her see Harriet later, but the small girl was adamant on visiting her grandma, and Amanda had no choice but to give in.

Lynn’s eyes welled up as she walked inside the hospital and saw her Grandma lying in a hospital bed. She walked up to her bedside quietly and apologized to her. “Grandma, get well soon. I know mum is lying, but I know you got sick because you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Then, as the day drew to a close and her birthday loomed, Amanda asked if she wanted a small gathering of her closest friends, but Lynn declined.

“I’m not going to rejoice until Grandma is feeling better. I’d like her to be present! “She pleaded, sitting alongside her, holding the gloves Harriet had made for her.

“How about this year, Lynn, we try something different?” Amanda proposed to her daughter, cuddling her and wiping away tears as she realized how foolish she had been.

“Different? Mom, what exactly do you mean?”

“Let’s cut a cake in the evening, but instead of asking for something for yourself, why don’t you pray to God for Grandma’s quick recovery. God will fulfill your request if you ask for it with good intentions!”

“Are you serious, mom?” Lynn inquired, thrilled. “Is it okay if we cut the cake in front of Grandma? When I cut the cake, I want to be by her side.”

“Sure, honey,” I say, “but first let me check with the physicians.”

Amanda obtained special clearance from the hospital that day and went to get Lynn a cake, which she delivered to Harriet’s bedside. The little girl blew out the candles, asking for a speedy recovery for her Grandma. Grandma, I adore you! Please accept my apologies for being rude to you. I wish you a speedy recovery! She prayed with her eyes closed.

Harriet’s health began to improve a few days later, and the doctors predicted that she would be freed shortly. When Lynn learned that her Grandma was doing well, she was overjoyed.

Lynn held Harriet passionately and kissed her on the cheeks the day she arrived home. “Grandma, I’m so thrilled you’re back! Mom told me that I would be able to properly celebrate my birthday this weekend. Isn’t it true that you’re going to cook me my favorite chocolate cake?”

Harriet gave her a kind grin and a nod. “Of course, honey, I will. After all, I have the most beautiful granddaughter on the face of the planet!”


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