Nine-Year-Old Girl Has Higher IQ Than Albert Einstein And Stephen Hawking

What a bright little star you are!

No matter how quickly cultures progress, it appears that we will take a long time to learn to accept others who are different from us in any manner. This world would become a much better place for individuals who today feel like they don’t belong there if we realized that being different isn’t anything terrible, but rather something unique and exceptional.

Adhara Pérez Sánchez is a 9-year-old Mexican girl with an IQ greater than Albert Einstein’s and Stephen Hawking’s.

Adhara has always stood out and has been misunderstood by everyone around her. Fortunately, her parents, who recognize their daughter’s uniqueness, were not among them.

Adhara was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a developmental disease that falls under the autism spectrum, at a young age. As a result, she struggled to fit in and was frequently bullied by her peers. Her mother once observed several of her classmates locking her in a playhouse and referring to her as “weirdo” and “oddball.” Her heart was broken by this.

She realized she needed to take action to safeguard her kid. After all, Adhara’s instructors accused her of being uninterested in the studies, and with everything going on at school, the most natural thing to do was to take Adhara out of school and home-school her.

When Adhara’s parents were given the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her, they noticed she was unusually bright for her age.

One event led to another, and experts soon came to the same conclusion. This beautiful youngster finished elementary school at the age of five and had already graduated from high school at the age of six. She is now pursuing two degrees at Universidad CNCI in Mexico, one in industrial engineering with a focus on mathematics and the other in systems engineering.

Her ambition is to attend the University of Arizona and join NASA, allowing her to travel to space.

She is now learning English in order to study in the United States.

Adhara was named one of Mexico’s 100 Most Powerful Women by Forbes México.

Currently, this brilliant little girl, who was formerly seen to be strange and hostile, is working on inventing a unique bracelet that can detect emotions and enable autistic children who can not talk communicate. Seizures and other outbursts would also be avoided.

It just needed someone to see past Adhara’s autism and embrace her for who she is for her to thrive for her life to alter dramatically.


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