After Man Notices Teen Walking 10 Miles In Snow To Attend Job Interview, He Makes Him A Generous Offer

Going to a job interview may be a stressful experience. You must not only present your best self, but you must also beat out other candidates for the same post. It is a competitive employment market everywhere, so finding a job might be difficult at times. Another challenge that many individuals encounter is the scarcity of work for those without a college diploma. As a result, someone may apply for a position that pays minimum wage in order to climb the corporate ladder.

Getting a minimum wage job isn’t always a terrible thing; positions that pay this much may successfully teach a decent work ethic and teamwork abilities, among other things. A minimum age work may be gratifying and a terrific stepping stone to higher chances if the person offering the employment is a helpful and supportive boss.

Art Bouvier, the owner of Papa Roux, a Cajun restaurant in Indianapolis, was so impressed by Jhaqueil Reagan’s instant desire to work despite challenging circumstances that he offered him the job right away, with another wonderful perk: Reagan was offered double the wage!

Reagan had been seeking for work in 2013 but had had little success; in fact, he had to walk to every interview since he couldn’t afford bus ticket. Reagan had persisted to go around in the dead of winter in the hopes of finding work. Bouvier was pleased by the young guy’s commitment and did not hesitate to act in the best interests of the young man.

According to the Daily Mail, as Bouvier was spreading out rock salt after an ice storm the night before, Reagan approached him and asked for instructions. Bouvier realized the teen’s destination was fairly far away. “‘Buddy, that’s probably six, seven miles,’ I responded. ‘You’d be better off taking the bus, especially in this weather,’ I added. He simply muttered, “Okay, thank you,” and continued on his way.”

When Bouvier came across the adolescent again while walking to a coffee shop with his wife, he asked if he wanted a ride, which Reagan gratefully accepted. Reagan claimed that he was on his way to a Dairy Queen interview and that he was looking after his siblings and sisters after his mother died two years before. To do so, he had to drop out of high school.

Bouvier was so moved by his narrative and tenacity that he gave him a job on the spot for double the minimum pay, which at the time was $7.50.

Reagan accepted immediately away and started his first day the following week. He expressed his feelings on the incident by saying, “It’s insane. I’m not sure what I’m talking about. It’s completely insane. Right now, my heart is racing. I’m simply too pumped up to get started.” Stories like these teach us that there are good people around, and that a person’s fortunes may change quickly if he holds out his hope and persistence long enough.

According to CNN, Reagan chose to pay it forward by establishing his own non-profit, the Jhaqueil Reagan Foundation, to assist other poor persons in finding work.


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