This Bride Reads Out Her Future Husband’s Cheating Texts At Their Wedding

Weddings are regarded to be confirmation of two people’s life-long devotion to one another.

This is a ritual done to demonstrate to the entire world the prospective husband and wife’s love and loyalty.

However, such is not the case in this scenario.

Instead of her vows, a bride read out the steamy texts her unfaithful fiancé sent his lover.

In front of their friends and family, the lady claims she exposed her cheating fiancé for the love rat he is.

She found out about her partner’s infidelity the night before she was supposed to marry him, and she resolved to avenge herself in a unique way.

The bride, who goes by the alias Casey, determined to go to extremes to shame her unfaithful fiancé.

Despite the fact that this wedding was also supposed to be a love celebration, it turned out to be something quite different. The night before the wedding, the bride-to-be learned terrible details about her future spouse that completely transformed her life.

She got a few surprise messages on her cell phone while drinking drinks with her bridesmaids.

The lady who was messaging submitted screenshots demonstrating the groom’s involvement with her.

The following message was included in the screenshots:

‘I’m not going to marry him.’ ‘Will you do it?’

She believes there were “tons of them, including selfies of the couple,” rather than just one or two messages.

Worse, the bride claims the other lady “was the polar opposite” of the fair-skinned, blonde bride, with “black hair and olive complexion.”

Unsurprisingly, the bride recounts how her bridesmaids rallied behind her, “warning all kinds of vengeance on him,” as she “came into shameful and shattered cries.”

Despite the fact that her closest friends “insisted [she] call him immediately and cancel the wedding,” the betrayed bride chose to sleep on it… Then she devised the most brilliant strategy to avenge herself.

She informed her pals that she was “going to ‘out’ him in front of our friends and family” after failing to “sleep a wink.”

Despite the fact that the bride’s friends advised her not to attend the wedding, she went nevertheless. And then he did something unexpected the next day.

She stated to everyone instead of reading her wedding vows at the altar:

“Today there will be no wedding.” Alex does not appear to be who I thought he was.”

Everyone in the congregation was taken aback.

She then got her phone out of her pocket and began reading the texts aloud. The groom, understandably, could not bear the humiliation and stormed out of the chapel with the best man.

After he departed, she told their guests that instead of a wedding reception, they were throwing a huge celebration to celebrate the victory of truth over lies and deception.


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