8-Year-Old Living In A Shed With His Family Invests Mom’s Last $12 To Change Family’s Fortune

Anything is possible if you set your mind to it and work hard for it, as the adage goes. Berenice Pacheco, a single mother, had no clue that her son would stand up and assist the family when she was faced with a difficult position. When his mother lost her work due to the epidemic, eight-year-old Arron Moreno of California went above and beyond to aid his family. Via his earnings and gifts from inspired good samaritans, the youngster was finally able to purchase a new house for his family through wise investment and business operations.

Berenice Pacheco and her family ran into financial difficulties at the start of this year, just as the coronavirus epidemic was spreading across the country. According to TODAY, she lost her job in March 2020 and had to relocate her three children to a shed in East Los Angeles to make ends meet.

She explained, “We didn’t have any other alternatives.”

Her children couldn’t do their schoolwork since there was no internet connectivity or proper furnishings in the shed.

Furthermore, the family would use a local restaurant’s restroom and could only shower, all while dealing with the shed’s oppressive heat. Pacheco claimed the scenario shattered her heart and made her feel like a mother who had failed her children.

The limitations on social activity imposed by the epidemic exacerbated the situation for everyone in the household.

She told TODAY, “The playground always made children happy, but then the playgrounds closed down.” “We were stranded in the shed,” says the narrator.

Pacheco couldn’t afford to buy snacks for her children due to a lack of funds. It was made all the more devastating by the fact that a food truck would drive through the neighborhood every afternoon with her son Aaron’s favorite snack, Hot Cheetos covered with melted cheese.

“He really wanted it,” Pacheco added. “However, I had to pay my phone bill and wash my laundry.”

She then joked with Aaron about starting his own business to buy his own food, but she didn’t expect him to take that suggestion seriously. He was adamant about doing something, so he started brainstorming. Pacheco told TODAY that he got the idea to sell plans from her, so she handed him the remaining $12 in her wallet. “I advised him to put the money in the bank,” Pacheco added.

Aaron went to work right away. He spent all of his money on eight small succulent plants in March. He made a minor profit of $4 after selling his plants for $16. He appeared to be heading in the right path.

With his earnings, he acquired and sold even more plants, and clients frequently tipped him, increasing his income. The astute 8-year-old has amassed hundreds of dollars in savings as a result of his tiny company. His internet celebrity, which gained him over 30,000 Instagram followers, was also a wonderful side consequence of launching his firm.

This family has now made their way into a better life owing to Aaron’s hard work, as well as donations to his GoFundMe account and Pacheco’s new part-time employment.

The GoFundMe campaign was launched by Pacheco’s high school classmate as a means to help the poor family, according to the account’s description.

It definitely paid off, with almost $50,000 in donations received before the campaign ended. The funds were used to assist the family relocate to a one-bedroom apartment.

“We now have our very own kitchen. Aaron and his sister now have a space where they can complete their homework “To TODAY, Pacheco gushed. “It isn’t large, yet it feels enormous to us.” According to PEOPLE, the new monies also assisted Pacheco in bringing her daughter, Aaron’s sister Ayleen Pacheco, to California from Mexico, where she had been living with her grandmother owing to financial difficulties.

Aaron Moreno, who is just eight years old, is already making waves. “My next career after owning my own plant store will be working for Nike and manufacturing my own shoes, and then I plan to go to university so I can become a judge,” he says on Instagram, according to TODAY.

Pacheco and her family want to give back after receiving so much generosity from others. Pacheco told NBC Los Angeles, “We are united, we have a house.” “The community came through for us, and now we send gifts to Mexico to show that, no matter how hopeless a situation may appear, the sun rises every morning.”

It’s always inspiring to see what mankind can do when we reach out and support one another. We wish the Pacheco family all the best in their future endeavors!

Aaron Moreno, congratulations for building a profitable business at such a young age! We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.


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