Young Black Woman Pens A Heartwarming Letter To Adoptive Parents That Showed Her Unconditional Love

A young Black lady writes a touching letter to her adopted parents, expressing her undying love.

A moving memorial to her adopted parents was produced by a 21-year-old young black lady.

Mandisa Zenaya Mlitwa, a 21-year-old South African lady, feels grateful for many things in her life. But, of all the blessings she has received, she is most grateful for her adoptive parents.

Mandisa paid a touching tribute to her parents on Facebook in March.

Mandisa Zenaya Mlitwa is a South African woman who was adopted by loving white parents when she was 21 years old. She owes them a great debt of gratitude since they made her feel loved on a daily basis. She is always greeted with loving embraces when she wakes up in the morning.

Her father is only a phone call away if she is in trouble. She was fortunate to have the most wonderful adoptive parents. Her mother, on the other hand, died in March 2020, bringing misery into their lives. So it’s just her and her father, whom she affectionately refers to as “pops.”

Mandisa was treated like a princess by her father.

He always opened doors for her, gave her warm embraces every day, cooked her breakfast, took her out to lunch, and washed her hair! She can even discuss dating with her father because he isn’t against it. He supports her because he understands what is best for her.

People believe he is her sugar daddy since they are so close. Mandisa and her father seem unfazed. They just can’t believe they’re father and daughter, mainly due to their skin colors being so unlike.

It didn’t matter what other people thought since she was loved by her parents, and that was all she needed.

She expressed her love for her parents by posting a touching tribute to them on Facebook.

“I’d want to use this time to express my gratitude to God for placing these amazing people in my life. I was raised as an adoptive child. Every day, I get embraced when I wake up because I am loved. When I’m in danger, I phone my father, and he arrives in a short amount of time.

My mother died this month, so it’s only my father and me now. When we’re out and people believe he’s my sugar daddy, I always giggle. They dressed me and drove me to school with no expectation of anything in return!!

Every day, I am surrounded by love. My father takes me out to lunch, opens doors for me, gives me hugs every day, tells me he loves me, helps me wash my hair, and prepares breakfast for me, and I’m 21!!

He purchases my favorite foods and beverages…

He is one of my closest friends!! I can even discuss dating with him. He’s really awesome!! Thank you, God, for removing my mother, but I still feel loved, and I will be eternally grateful to her and my father for adopting me and loving me as if I were their own child. “Rest in peace, Mom.”

Indeed, regardless of color, race, gender, nationality, or age, a person may express love to everyone.


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