Mom Goes To Hardware Store To Buy Parts For Son’s Walker, They Ask Her To Come Back In An Hour

Logan Moore, 2, and his father, Justin Moore, started their visit to the Home Depot in Cedartown, Georgia, like any other.

Logan, on the other hand, won the heart of Cathy Ennsley, the service desk manager. And she knew she had to help Justin when she discovered why he needed the parts on his shopping list.

The workers at Home Depot were busy creating Logan his own walker while the father and son went off for an hour, assuming the staff was taking the pieces out of storage for them.

Logan had hypotonia, sometimes known as “floppy infant syndrome,” when he was born. Low muscular tone and strength are symptoms of the condition. It can be treated with physical therapy in older children. However, when it comes to newborns and toddlers, parents are mostly on their own in terms of assisting their children in becoming strong enough to move around.

When Logan was just a few weeks old, his father, Justin Moore, and mother, Christian Moore, recognized something was wrong. He couldn’t elevate his head and wasn’t as active as other newborns his age. When he was ready to roll over, he was unable to do it. It was also difficult to sit up at first. Logan received leg braces when he was ready to walk. However, they weren’t enough; he truly required a walker. However, the insurance company refused to pay for it, and Justin and Christian were unable to pay for it on their own.

Justin went online, like most people who are stumped, to try to figure out how to make a toddler-sized walker. He had to dig a little, but he eventually discovered what he needed. He and Logan then went to Home Depot, equipped with designs and a list of the parts they’d need.

Their first stop at Home Depot was the service desk, where Justin asked Ennsley if the store had everything he needed, according to Fox 46. Curiosity got the best of her, and she inquired about what he planned to do with the goods on his shopping list. In the meantime, she was smitten by Logan’s beautiful smile. She knew precisely what she wanted to do when Justin told her he wanted to make a walker for his son, even if he couldn’t afford it.

“I have a special needs daughter,” Ennsley told Fox 46. “Everyone connected with it has a medically needy child.”

She said that she wanted to check with the store manager to see if the parts were in stock, and she asked Justin and Logan to wait at the desk. She walked off to speak with the manager, plans in hand. She didn’t want to inquire about the pieces, though. She knew they were in the store. She had a different plan in mind. She told Justin that some of the pieces might be in storage when she returned a few minutes later. Everything would be ready for him and Logan if they returned in an hour.

“I figured out we had everything we needed, so I told them to go get some ice cream and come back in an hour, and we’d have it built for them,” said Joe Ritchie, the store’s manager.

While Justin and Logan were enjoying ice cream down the street, the store manager and a few employees were hard at work putting together the finest surprise imaginable.

A Magnificent Movement

When Justin and Logan returned to the store, they discovered a fully-assembled bright orange toddler walker. Logan’s name was even written on it.

Christian told Fox 46, “We were just amazed that they would do that for us…because you don’t see a lot of that charity these days.”

“Logan was in desperate need of it.” Justin added, “He’s been attempting to walk a lot more with that contraption, and we’re extremely grateful.”

Logan was beaming from ear to ear as he took his first steps. One of the men who helped build the walker, Jeff Anderson, told CNN:

“Everyone was in tears as they watched Logan go around with the largest grin on his face.”

“For being a blessing to this family and to this little kid,” Anderson said, thanking everyone who assisted.

People you don’t know, complete strangers whose paths simply happen to cross yours, can sometimes perform the most amazing acts of compassion. But Justin and Logan will never forget Cathy and her staff, who turned a mundane shopping trip into an unforgettable experience.

Logan’s tale has also affected viewers from all across the world on YouTube.

“Bless him, for he is blessed…

Angie Parker commented on the YouTube video below, “Makes me want to believe there is hope for the human race….still people out there with hearts.”

Hypotonia is a lifelong issue that Logan will most certainly have to cope with as he gets older, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). However, the NINDS points out that patients’ muscular tone can improve over time.


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