Young Neighbor Invites Ailing 89-Year-Old Woman to Move In, ‘the grandson she never had’

When Chris Salvatore, 31, moved into a new apartment in 2013, the first person he made friends with was Norma Cook, 85, and her cat Hermes. It all started with a kind greeting, and once Chris introduced himself, they became fast friends.

Chris was always willing to assist his elderly neighbor with her errands and was always there to assist her in any way she need.

Norma’s health began to deteriorate as she approached the age of 89, and she ended herself in the hospital. Her only option for getting back home was to have round-the-clock support. Her chances of going home were poor because she had no one to look after her.

Chris decided to intervene after learning what was going on. He didn’t want to let Norma down because he was the one person she could count on. Chris set up a GoFundMe page and raised $25,000 in only seven hours. A month later, the campaign had raised $50,000, but Chris understood he needed to find a long-term solution since 24-hour healthcare is expensive.

He told TODAY, “The only other alternative was for her to go into a facility.” “I couldn’t do it to someone as dear to me as my grandmother.”

As a result, Chris invited Norma to join him at his home. “I’m so glad I was able to offer her the gift of spending her final days at home,” Chris expressed his gratitude. “I can’t image what it’s like to spend your final days in a hospital without your friends or pets.”

Unfortunately, Norma passed away in February 2017, but she knew she was loved and cared for in her final days.

Chris broke the terrible news to his Instagram followers, where he would upload photographs and videos of him and his “granny” having a good time while watching the news, conversing, and eating peanuts.


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