Teen With Down Syndrome Rejected Before Dance A Girl Steps Up Asking Him To Be Her Date

When FOX5 Surprise Squad hears about a child with Down’s Syndrome who was rejected by a girl he invited to be his back-to-school date, they determined to do everything they can to make this guy’s celebration the best it can be. His life will be remembered.

Something remarkable happened just as 17-year-old Daniel Rivas was about to attend a walk-in performance.

Kyle Fronius offered him the opportunity to be his nighttime buddy. She is a lovely young lady with a big heart, and she did not consider Daniel to be impaired. She feels that pupils like him are merely ordinary individuals who learn in different ways. What distinguishes this young lady is her unique perspective on life.

Daniel Tonya’s mother was also taken aback by the lovely gift. Kylie did an incredible thing for her son. Tonya was relieved to find someone who didn’t see her son as disabled.

They observed a red carpet as they approached the party site and couldn’t believe it was waiting for them. They felt like celebrities, and their smiles could be seen on their faces. It was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

After learning the entire tale, the Fox5 Surprise Squad could begin preparing Daniel and Kylie’s shocks. They arranged something for the adolescents that they would remember for the rest of their life. But one thing was certain: they earned every one of the gifts that were going to be given to them.

But that was just the beginning of a fantastic adventure. They were both given a paid vacation to Disneyland as everyone shouted and stared at them.

Take a peek at the video and prepare for the greatest surprise of the night.


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