“I’ve always wanted a daughter”: Firefighter Adopted The Baby Girl He Delivered on the Job After Saving Her Life

Marc Hadden, a firefighter with the Myrtle Beach Fire Department, has saved countless lives, but on November 14, 2011, he found himself delivering a baby for the first time when a lady contacted 911 to report severe abdominal discomfort.

Hadden could never have anticipated that he would be bringing the infant home as his own daughter only 48 hours later.

“From the moment she was placed in my hands, she battled,” the father recounted. He had to give the 6-lb. 2-oz. baby emergency oxygen to help her breathe on her own. “It was incredible to hear her scream,” he continued. Marc and Beth already had two small sons, Will and Parker, when they married. They had always wanted a third child, preferably a girl, but due to issues with their previous two pregnancies, they were forced to adopt. When the birth mother stated that she couldn’t care for her kid, Marc was the first to raise his hand and claim her as his own, according to PEOPLE.

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Marc contacted Beth that day and informed her, “I delivered a baby,” Beth remembered “”Can we keep her?” she said sarcastically. He then informed her that the baby may be placed for adoption. Beth chose to meet the birth mother after learning that she was a single mother already trying to raise a teenage son. “I was just thinking about this woman, and my heart went out to her.” I handed her a little prayer book and asked if there was anything more I could provide for her “she stated The doctor informed the mother that they were ready to proceed with the adoption while the two ladies conversed.

According to PEOPLE, the mother then expressed her worries to Beth, adding, “I can’t give my baby to someone I’ve never met.”

At the moment, Beth understood that her wishes for another child, preferably a daughter, had been answered. “All of a sudden, I had the opportunity to declare that Marc and I had been praying about adoption for years.” ‘I want you to adopt my kid,’ she murmured, looking over at me. I was allowed to hold Gracie for the first time after she was brought in by the nurse. ‘I suppose we just had a baby,’ I told Marc over the phone “She recalled something. By the end of the day, the couple had signed temporary custody documents and had carried her home barely 48 hours after her birth. “She is just what we had hoped for.” It was like if I’d won the lotto “Beth clarified.

Rebecca Grace, their newborn girl, has now become an integral part of their family. Her parents instilled in her the importance of remembering where she came from. “We’ve been telling her pretty much since the beginning.” Mark stated, “I’ve taken her to the back of the ambulance where she was born, so she knows — no mistake about it.” She even tells others how “my daddy delivered me in the back of an ambulance [and] helped me take my first breath.” Marc and Beth both expressed their gratitude for Grace’s presence in their life, saying that they regularly pinch themselves. According to PEOPLE, Mark said, “I’ve always wanted a daughter, and this is absolutely great,” while Beth added, “Sometimes the finest things in life come in the blink of an eye — and you can’t let them pass you by.”


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