Woman In Arizona Delivers 14-Pound Baby After Suffering 19 Heart-Breaking Miscarriages

After 19 losses, a mother in Arizona gave birth to a large baby. Since the birth of their first child, Cary and her boyfriend, Tim Patonai, have had 19 unsuccessful pregnancies but have never given up hope of expanding their family.

Finnley was born on October 4th, fulfilling their ambition. What they hadn’t anticipated was the size of the infant. Finnley was born through Caesarean section because he was twice the size of a typical newborn baby, weighing 14 pounds. He measured 23.75 inches in length and was characterized by the doctor as the biggest baby they had ever delivered in their years of practice.

Cary said to reporters, “Finnley had a bit of a following in the hospital. Everyone wanted to take a picture with him. The OB/GYN who performed the C-section stated he had never seen a newborn that big in his 27 years of practice. The birth was a whirlwind of activity.”


“They weighed him and said, “14.1, I’ve never seen it so large.” They were all taking selfies with us, including the doctor and one of the kindest nurses there. Of course, they sought permission, but they were just so excited.”

Cary claimed that the sheer weight of the baby took its toll on her:

“It had gotten to the point that I was unable to move. After a shower, it would take me 30 minutes to recover. When [their first kid] was born, he was in my doctor’s top five of the biggest, and I joked, “Just wait, I’m going to go to the top of the list,” two years ago. Then we unintentionally did it.”

Finnley’s appetite is enormous, according to Cary, and he consumes significantly more food than the normal infant.

Only 9% of newborns weigh more than 8 pounds, and this is mainly due to obese moms or mothers with diabetes. A huge infant, on the other hand, might happen merely by accident.

An Italian newborn from 1955 holds the current world record for the heaviest baby, weighing more than 22 pounds, while a mother in New York delivered a 15.5-pound baby in 2019.


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